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But How? But Why?

If you happen to follow me on social media, you certainly are aware of the information I have been sharing or in some cases hinting at. I have even, at times, come out telling my followers what I think is going on in the world right now. From the highest view, I feel we are in the middle of World War III, even if the majority of world citizens have no idea.

I have been researching certain theories for months. Others I have researched for years. I now see how they all are connected.

This article is not about the what. I am not going to discuss any of that. What I am going to discuss is the how and the why.

Regarding some of my posts, responses show me that some can’t fathom the magnitude of corruption. For example, some cannot accept anything but the main stream media perspective on CV19. To them, there would need to be too many people in on it, if there were some kind of conspiracy going on.

To others, I am sure they cannot comprehend why people would knowingly promote actions and misinformation, which places others in harm or causes death. And yet, our history includes many cases of genocide. We know people have done this before. So why are we having such a hard time thinking it might be happening (or intended) even now?

In psychological terms, we must learn about sociopaths and psychopaths. Since psychology is not my field per se, I will take a different approach.

In my second book, Scribe to the Pantheon of Rome, I discuss the Law of One. I don’t refer to it by name. And I don’t treat it separately. The story weaves a number of teachings together.

Furthermore, I did not study the Law of One. I learned just enough about it to get me started, and then I, more or less, channeled my own perspective on it. I don’t plug my book often, but I will admit, that novel is my best work!

Here and now, humanity is in third density. In Scribe, I compare the densities to the chakras. The third chakra is the power center. And, likewise, power is a big part of third density. We play this out with others…but we don’t have to.

Within third density, there is a scale. One end is labeled Service of Others. The other end is labeled Service of Self. Each one of us is somewhere along that scale. Within any time period, we hold a range. And in a given moment of time, we are inside of that range. Over time, our range shifts and evolves.

The point of third density is for us to polarize. That is because in fourth density, the two ends are separated. Fourth density positive requires at least 51% Service of Others orientation. Fourth density negative requires at least 95% Service of Self orientation, which is the same as being less than 5% Service of Others. Those who sit in the middle will remain in third density until they have reached one threshold or the other.

We are in a free will environment. It is for this reason that the most heinous crimes are permitted.

But why would some do these heinous crimes? How could they live with themselves?

The answer to this is easy. Those who polarize Service of Self hold a perspective that permits this. They simply only acknowledge the divinity inside of their self.

Think about it this way: Just about all of us see no issue in killing a mosquito. A mosquito sucks our blood. Maybe it is simply an annoyance—nonetheless, if one lands on us and starts sucking, we feel justified in killing it.

All of us eat things that were once living. Plants are alive, so this includes vegetarians and vegans. We accept this as part of life. We see that we are different than the plants and animals. We don’t like when animals each humans, but we accept that most humans eat animals.

Service of Self individuals see the rest of humans as animals…or insects. They don’t recognize them as housing divinity. So, to them, they are free to use these humans for all kinds of things.

The beauty of the Law of One is this: since divinity is in fact inside of everyone (and all things), both paths will eventually lead to the understanding of this…just not in third density.

When we graduate to fourth density, every other human will be at least 51% serving of others. Each of us will have times when we need help and each of us will have ample opportunities to help others. It is easy to understand why the threshold is low for this side. We want to serve. If all of us were 95% serving of others, noone would need our service. [We’ll get there in 5th density, but our purpose will be different.]

The negative polarity requires a strong polarity (95%). This is because, in fourth density, every single encounter between two individuals will be a battle. In that realm, it is all about rising to the very top (or the very bottom – ha ha). It sounds horrible to me, but I intellectually can understand the appeal (to the few).

Many lightworkers believe we are on the cusp of fourth density. I certainly see how we are moving in that direction.

And, since the collective vibration is rising, the Service of Self individuals are finding it harder and harder to hide (and succeed). They are desperate. They are losing control. They tried to take over the planet, but it’s too late. They cannot win. They will die trying, but they will not win, I am certain of this.

We refer to the Service of Self people collectively as the Deep State, but do not think of them as a single organized group. There are many groups (families) and they don’t agree with each other. They all see only themselves are divine, as deserving of the whole planet, but they only tolerate each other as they use each other for personal gain. They even use and abuse their own family members.

They also control many who are not as fully polarized. We think of these as the minions. Some people within the lower levels of the pyramid are not ‘evil’; they are simply entangled. Many of them want to be Service of Others oriented. They want to be free. But since they are blackmailed and compromised, they struggle. They don’t want to sacrifice themselves (or their families) just to get out. They don’t know the way out. It is possible to have compassion for these people, even if it is hard to reach.

Don’t fear what is happening. This is all GOOD news! In order to create a true golden age, we must allow the workings in the shadows to come out in the light.


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  1. Thank you for your message in this post, I truly feel the same way as you on this. I have learned to trust the process and trust that everything that is happening is unfolding as it should. Even though I have to say there are days when I find it hard to believe, everything that is going on in this world. Then I take a deep breath and allow everything to unfold and ask to be guided during this time.

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