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But How? But Why?

If you happen to follow me on social media, you certainly are aware of the information I have been sharing or in some cases hinting at. I have even, at times, come out telling my followers what I think is going on in the world right now. From the highest view, I feel we are… Continue reading But How? But Why?


Mercury Retrograde in Air

It has been a long time since Mercury has gone backward in an Air sign. The last time was September 2009 when Mercury retraced his steps in Libra. Mercury works best with Air. Air is not just about thought, but also communication. In response to a friend's Facebook post this morning, I found myself writing… Continue reading Mercury Retrograde in Air


Venus Station Direct

Less than 5 hours from when I’m writing this, Venus will station direct ending her retrograde cycle this time around. Simultaneously, the moon is just about to become visible as her new cycle gets going after yesterday’s Aquarius new moon. Venus Retrograde started at the onset of the season. We are still 4 days shy… Continue reading Venus Station Direct