Venus Station Direct

Less than 5 hours from when I’m writing this, Venus will station direct ending her retrograde cycle this time around. Simultaneously, the moon is just about to become visible as her new cycle gets going after yesterday’s Aquarius new moon.

Venus Retrograde started at the onset of the season. We are still 4 days shy of the halfway mark, but it has been a long winter for some of us, eh?

So looking back, what have you learned about yourself over the past 6 weeks? Have you figured out—in more detail—what you value? Remember, knowing poignantly what you don’t want is part of the process too! It should be the smaller part, but we have to start somewhere.

This phase, for me, has been one of the most profound in my life. The more I dig, the looser the soil becomes…and the wetter. I can hardly see out of the hole now, and I’m standing in about 8 inches of mud, but I am making tremendous progress.

[After reading this, a friend of mine sent me this parable. Quite fitting! Parable about the poor mule in the well.]

Retrograde periods reintroduce us to our past. Our first reaction can easily be, “Oh no! Not this again.” But given enough time…quiet time…and listening of course, and we can get to the root of it.

I have had this echoing inside of my head for days, so I’m just going to put it down:

There are times in a man or woman’s life when he or she has to go home to bury a loved one. This Venus Retro was that for me, ‘cept the man I buried was the old version of me.

In the form of Astrology that I use, there are 13 orbs that I follow. In a way, that represents 13 aspects of self. I certainly feel like there are 13 people inside of me competing with each other to get their way. And some parts of me are not as nice to other parts as they can be.

Station Direct moments are said to contain clarity. They are said to be deciding points. I can definitely say that this past week has brought all kinds of valuable information to the surface. Has it showed me the way forward in definite terms? Hard to say.

I may not know where I’m going, but I do know how I could walk that will make the journey a better experience. Maybe it was never about the direction to begin with…

Venus stations before 3:00 pm CST. Capricorn, where she is and has been, is a practical earth sign. Her work this time ought to have inspired some concrete information, inspiration, or solution. I’m sure she didn’t just drop the answers in your lap, but hopefully she introduced you to a part of yourself you didn’t know, had forgotten about, or just recently created.

In less than a week, Mercury makes his station to begin his retrograde period. I suspect the information Venus provided was not so much in the head. Now Mercury (your mind) is going to chew on it for a while. Fear is created in the head…and it can be release there as well. If your mind understands and sees, then you’ll be better able to move forward. Understanding isn’t necessary, of course, and even an approximation of reality can be helpful if the REAL truth wasn’t uncovered.

If I have leaned only one thing in the past 6 weeks it is this:

Be easy with yourself.

Even if you find it hard to love yourself unwaveringly, at least treat yourself as well as you do the ones you love. Hug yourself goodnight. Catch your reflection and look into your own eyes. Pretend you’re the one in the mirror and tell the physical you that you’ll always be there for him/her.

  • It’s going to work out.
  • You’re doing a great job.
  • You HAVE done a lot of good…trust me.

In the movie OZ The Great and Powerful, there is a series of lines at the end that are very profound. It’s between Glinda and the wizard and it’s approximately this:

G:   I always saw the potential within you.

W:  For what? Greatness?

G:   No…much better. Goodness!

Great is always better than good, except in this one case. Today, I wish for you abundant goodness!

The words I wrote above worked out to be a bit ironic as a friend of mine is about to bury a most cherished love one.

I would like to dedicate this post to a man who I met when I was 16. Although I’ve known him for nearly 30 years, I didn’t know him well. However, all I needed to know about him was how he affected a dear friend of mine (his oldest daughter) and how much he was loved.

Ray Elumba passed on January 30, 2014. He was a clear example of goodness. He was a man who brought comfort to others through his solidness. He was an anchor…and now he is off to another place.

Condolences to my dearest friend Nancy and all of her family as they mourn, honor and remember a good man.


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