Mercury Retrograde in Air

It has been a long time since Mercury has gone backward in an Air sign. The last time was September 2009 when Mercury retraced his steps in Libra.

Mercury works best with Air. Air is not just about thought, but also communication. In response to a friend’s Facebook post this morning, I found myself writing the following:

The first step is waking up the unconscious parts of ourselves. (There are a number of them, so this is an iterative process.) A later step is to bring what we have learned into the conscious realm for others to see. This may ask us to BE what we have been TRYING to be.

Feel…then see.

Become…then do.

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces was like a bucket dipped into a well. It didn’t just skim the top of the water, but fell all the way to the bottom.

As of last night, when Mercury transitioned into Aquarius, the bucket was lifted above the water. We can now look into the bucket and begin to understand what we see…not just the water, but the sediment (sentiment?).

Light workers work with light (fire), but they also work with water, earth, and air (feelings, matter, and words).

Feel what you feel…then see and understand what those feelings are here to show you.

Become the person you have been wanting to be. This takes courage as it sometimes requires trekking through uncharted territory.

It is easy to say, “It should be like this,” but can we be like this first? Can we be the ones who speak our truth…even when they are not ready to hear what we have to say?

Speak your truth, because you know who’s listening? YOU are!

You have all the time in the world, but there is no reason to wait. —from Journey to the Temple of Ra


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