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Do No Harm

Have you ever cried during a movie? Have you ever, even silently, cheered when the protagonist killed the evil villain? Have you ever yelled at the movie screen (or wanted to)?

If you have felt any of these emotions while watching a purely fictional movie, you have experienced being manipulated via your empathy.

We know about this. Haven’t you had a friend, usually a girlfriend, tell you that they needed a good cry, so they put on a sad movie? Haven’t you heard of some who watch the same feel-good movie or action-thriller over and over again because it makes them feel good (or at least feel better)?

We know that movies and books and other forms of art stimulate our emotions. We buy and consume them for that reason. This, in and of itself, is not bad.

But we must retain the awareness that as compassionate and empathetic beings, we can be manipulated. We will respond to images on screens in expected ways.

We know movies are fiction, so the harm, if any, is minimal. However, the same rules apply when we don’t know the images are fictional.

War of the Worlds, when aired on the radio, was taken to be real by those who tuned in too late. That was not intended, but it happened nevertheless.

Today, we all are being manipulated by fiction via our empathy. Some call this Weaponized Empathy. That phrase may be a bit strong, but only to those who are not aware of the intentions behind its use.

My first piece of advice is to be as aware as possible around your empathy. Don’t shut it off, but don’t allow yourself to be manipulated through it. By referring back to my previous post [Seventy Percent], we can remind ourselves that we don’t know all of the facts and thus our gut reactions may not be based on truth.

Furthermore, when we see others being emotionally manipulated by lies, try and have compassion for them. Yes, it is frustrating when you try and educate people about the facts and the lies, especially when they ridicule you or use ad hominem as a way of shutting you down. Some day perhaps, when they do see the truth, they are going to be very upset.

The second piece of advice for today is this: in your mind, separate governments from people.

Governments are supposed to represent the people. They don’t. Even when the majority (seem to) support what the government does, that support is most often based on lies. Propaganda is the specific tool which weaponizes empathy. If you must, direct your anger, your disappointment, your disdain, or your frustration at the governments, not the people.

In the coming months and years, more and more truth will come out. As I’ve written a number of times, illumination and disillusionment are the same thing. When you see the truth, you see the lies.

For example, those who have been focused on the Russia-Ukraine situation are not aware of the documents reluctantly released by the FDA regarding its approval of the Pfizer shots. [The FDA requested 75 years to release this information to the public. Now we know why. Thankfully, the courts denied them of that request, which is why we have the data now.] We are now aware that the FDA knew of 1300 harmful side-effects that can result from Pfizer’s product! I wonder how long it would take the narrator to read that list on a TV commercial. I wonder how many would actually listen to it.

The image below shows the list of harmful side-effects as shown in this Appendix of the document you can find here:

1300 Harmful Side-Effects

This one bit of information is enough to prove fraud. Governments and the media told you these shots were safe. 1300 known harmful side-effects disproves that claim. They lied and the law suits are being written up as we speak.

If you are a follow-the-money type, you’ll be interested to know that Pfizer paid the FDA $2.8 million as part of their application for approval. Isn’t that interesting.

And if you are an investor, you might want to keep an eye on Pfizer’s stock (PFE) as well as Moderna’s (MRNA). These stocks have been falling steadily all year despite record earnings last year, which is simply because investors are becoming aware of the fraud and don’t want to be holding these stocks when the law suites settle.

YTD Performance of PFE and MRNA

I am sorry to say that this example above is minor compared to what we will learn about in the coming years. When we learn about the horrible things our own government has done, we must separate us, the people, from those who actually did them. We did not want any of those horrible things done. Even if we thought we did at the time, that support was manipulated under false pretenses.

So many governments have done and are still doing horrible things. This is not new, but it is coming out into the light for those to see who are willing to look.

One last comment. There may be some out there who look at my current writing and ask, “What does this have to do with spirituality?” Some spiritualist choose to focus only on love and light and peace and harmony. I have chosen to focus on truth. The simple reason is this: many who have ignored truth, but intended nothing wrong, have injected themselves (multiple times) with a harmful substance and have even promoted that act among their own peers. Did they intend harm? No. But considering these shots are known to have 1300 harmful side-effects, those of you who have been damaged by them are probably not even aware of the connection. People are mysteriously coming up with health issues not knowing the cause and simply writing it off as bad luck.

In order to Do No Harm, one must know what is harmful and what is not. When we don’t know, we must learn. And in order to learn, we must not be ignorant—we must not ignore the information, which will teach us.


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