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Seventy Percent

7 of Swords

In both of my last two client readings, and one for myself, the 7 of Swords showed up.

At the 7, we are typically reacting to something that was said or done. We feel as if we have been wronged in some way. Our reaction is likely to be hurt or anger…and we have someone or something to blame.

Sometimes, we are only thinking that harm was intended. In this case, we are reacting to our thoughts more than what actually transpired.

The day after the first client reading and before the others, I was sitting quietly when a burst of thought was downloaded into my brain. It was a new interpretation or description of the dynamic indicated by this card. It sat with me all that day and into the next. I thus decided to write the article below.

Interestingly, the very next client reading, where this 7 showed up again, matched the dynamic described so closely, I shared my article with them and then we discussed it. This is what I originally wrote:

At the 7 of Swords, we are reacting to information: something we heard, something we read, or evidence of something that occurred. Even if we were standing right there, we only took in some part of the story. Yes, we know a good deal, but not 100%. Without holding too firmly to the numbers, let’s look at is this way: at the 7 of Swords, we only know at most 70% of the information. Knowing 70% is a bit dangerous. This is when we jump to conclusions.

At 10%, 20%, or 30%, it is clear that we don’t know much. At that stage, we are eager to learn more.

As we approach 50% or 60%, we start to form a complete picture around the data, but we are still quite aware that we are speculating the rest.

At 70% or 80%, our logical minds and our imagination so easily fills in the rest, we confuse it for fact. We now see a complete story. Yes, we see a story, but not necessarily the story.

Keep in mind that your imagination and your logic are always based on your memories—and are thus influenced by your past. They are derived from what is familiar; they are thus biased. When we jump to a conclusion, we are usually jumping toward something we have experienced before.

But what if this situation is completely different?

Sometimes, the hurt we feel at the 7 of Swords is completely justified. Maybe someone did in fact say something about us or to us that was unkind. Too often, at the 7, there is here-say…he said, she said. We are getting the news through a messenger and something could have been lost in translation.

In this day and age of text message communication, there is always something missing. We cannot hear one’s tone and inflection. We cannot see the look on their face as when we’re standing right there. There isn’t an emoji for all expressions…and even if there was, the one chosen might not be the one that actually showed on their face.

Throughout my experience doing readings, I have often emphasized the importance of letting some things be unknown. In other words, we must be clear about what we know and what we don’t know. Rarely (if ever) do we know a person’s true intentions. Even if it is someone we love and know well, we still cannot know everything that was going on within them when something was said or done. Words have different meanings to different people. And our brains can often choose a word that wasn’t the best to describe the thought.

The sevens in the Tarot are significant cards. Seven, numerologically, is a deep and powerful number indicating transformation and significant change. We are being prepared for a whole new level now…but we are not yet there. At seven, the journey is inward. When we reach eight, we are then moving back outward.

At the sevens, we thus have to see our part in this. I don’t mean to say to blame ourselves. I am not saying that at all. But we have to see that the hurts from our past are influencing the present, which might have us hurting more than is warranted. Memories can and do pull us backward. In order to keep moving forward, we have to loosen their grip.

Yes, we can consider the past, we just need to be aware that we are doing that.

There are many times in life when we have to make decisions knowing no more than 70% of the story. So we have to draw conclusions within that lack of information. In this case, it is highly, highly recommended that we include intuition, and not just logic and memory. In order to access intuition, we have to be centered, which also means our emotions must be neutral. If we are reacting to the data, we are not neutral. If we are feeling fear or hurt, we are not centered. It only takes a moment of centeredness to hear our intuition, which is ever-present.

If it is possible, allow time to fill in the missing data. Set aside your assumptions and try and look only at the data you do have, then be as objective as you can. Ask yourself this question often: “What if my assumptions are wrong?” Ask the Universe for more information…then listen. Listen every day for that subtle guidance and inspiration.

If you have to make a decision, if you have to respond, just do the best you can in the moment. Sometimes, letting it play out will do what needs to be done and will move you forward.

Regarding all of the global events and happenings of the past 2 years and even this very day, consider that we, collectively, might be smack dab in the middle of the 7 of Swords.

What if everyone in the mainstream and alternate media are only working with a limited amount of information, then projecting the rest based on their own logic and imagination? And what if everyone has their own intentions: some truly wanting to do the right thing, and others operating within some kind of an agenda? And what if we cannot yet know which are which?

We are the ones who are hurt. We are the ones feeling the pain. So what do we do?

If we are following the counsel of the 7 of Swords, we have to be clear that we don’t know the whole story. We must question the parts we do not know. We must look at the data and analyze the evidence. We must use discernment and understand that the messengers don’t know the whole truth either. And we must center ourselves and access our intuition as much as possible.

It is far too easy to get trigged by the 70% (or less) that we know combined with our assumptions or those of other people. We simply have to work through that and we have the tools to do this.

It is my operating theory that this time—the great awakening—has something for everyone. No one is going to look back and say, “Yep, I had it all figured out. I knew I was right!” Yes, we will have been right about some things. Yes, we are figuring it out now. But I still see lots of surprises coming. That last 30% of information is going to blow our minds!

Take in the information. Observe. If you react or respond, then let that emotion move through you and work your way back to center. Try and make decisions from that centered position. Be the open-minded skeptic…and enjoy the show (if and when you can).


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