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Escaping the Matrix


As with Neo, one cannot see the matrix from inside the matrix.

These days, I often find myself thinking: “How can they not see what is happening?” My immediate response to myself is that I know exactly why they don’t see it. I get it. I understand. Some have been going to the same doctor all of their life, so how could his recommendation be wrong? How could all of the leaders of the western world be lying to us? How could all of the media be lying to us?

Furthermore, you cannot see that you are being lied to when the only information you are willing to take in are the lies. We call it a narrative for a reason. They have woven the lies together such that they all support each other. They don’t make sense, but they hold it all together. They are a matrix!

Their strategy was well thought out. They not only constructed the matrix, but devised a scheme to keep you inside.

For example, consider this: self defined Liberal / Democrats are now coming out (on TV) saying that they feel they have been lied to. They also admit that many are afraid to say anything because they don’t want to be labeled a Science Denier, an Anti-vaxxer, a Conspiracy Theorist, a Right Winger, a Trump Supporter, or a Racist White Supremacist. The irony is this: it is the self-identified left that used those labels to shame those they don’t agree with in the first place, and now they are afraid of being shamed by those very same labels!

The solution to all of this, of course, is to stop using labels! Stop using them on yourself. Stop using them on others. Break the brain washing which has you considering someone’s labels before you listen to what comes out of their mouth. [Read my post on this subject: ]

In fact, people’s words aren’t even the biggest piece you should be focused on. It is their actions that are the most telling!

Too many people immediately dismiss anyone whose labels don’t match their own. That is the real shame. [It is akin to racism, if you think about it.]

Information is valuable. Even misinformation and disinformation is valuable! The only way to identify a liar is to take in their words, evaluate them, and determine they are false. Me telling you something is a lie is of little worth. But you figuring it out on your own or deciding for yourself is profoundly valuable…to you.

When someone limits taking in valuable information out of fear, they are hiding themselves inside of a matrix. Since you are being told (being shamed and being gaslighted) to shun this information, you are hiding inside of their matrix. Yes, they are censoring this information from you, but you can choose to look outside of their matrix to find it!

Creating that starts with fear results in more things to fear. This cycle, as with any other, can be broken, but it has to be broken. In other words, the doer has to change their doing. The one who has locked down his or her mind has to open it back up. You have to be willing.

My position here and now is this: the truth is coming out. It is already out. The few clips I watched of Sen. Ron Johnson’s round table discussion shows me this. They are not merely discussing the fact that the vaccines have been shown to be ineffective; they are not simply discussing the fact that they are dangerous; they are exposing the corrupt, unethical, and genocidal actors who have been murdering people intentionally. [Reiner Füllmich and his team have stated that they have enough data to prove intent legally. Their case is often referred to as Nuremberg Trials 2.0.]

Some of us have known this for a long time. Some have been trying to get the word out by addressing the issues that are easiest to swallow. For example, I first started being vocal about the masks in 2020. I saw right through the scam and could feel, deep in my heart, that they were intended to create psychological damage foremost, but also physical damage. And, much to my horror, this is still going on. [David Icke speaks about this eloquently in the last hour of the interview I referenced down below.]

It is shocking to see that too many have their minds—their eyes and the ears—so locked down, it seems hopeless.

Alas, it is not really our jobs to pull people out of the matrix anyway. I share information as is my right and my desire. Everyone is free to listen/read or not. Y’all know where I stand, so you know that you can come talk to me or write to me when you free yourself from the matrix and finally realize that these vaccines are not only not safe and not effective…but also were never designed to be!

Getting out of the matrix is not a mere single step. It is a journey. It is a process. Don’t try to accept all of it at any one point in time. Some of the alternate information out there is not true. In fact, most of it is probably not true.

Because the matrix was constructed, it is consistent. That is why all of the local news stations are reporting the same stories in the exact same wording. There are many videos out there, which prove this. Someone put in a lot of effort to find 100s of local news reports from all over the country, which are word-for-word identical.

Once you are outside of the matrix, you are in a true battlefield. Nothing can be simply accepted as true or false. Out there, you have to discern. You have to question. That is why I have, for years now, emphasized the development of one’s own intuition.

  • Don’t let someone else tell you what to think (or not think).
  • Don’t let someone else tell you what to watch (or not watch).
  • Don’t let someone else tell you what to read (or not read).
  • Don’t let someone else tell you what to believe (or disbelieve).
  • Think for yourself.
  • Decide for yourself.
  • Choose for yourself.
  • Everyone must decide for themselves.
  • Everyone DOES decide for themselves.
  • If you let someone else decide for you, you still made a decision.
  • Don’t let someone else shame you with labels.
  • Best to avoid labels, but if you want them, choose them for yourself…and choose new ones readily.
  • The Great Awakening has something for everyone.
  • Illumination is the discovery of something new.
  • Disillusionment is when falsehoods are revealed.
  • The two often occur simultaneously.
  • The two will occur more and more as we flow forward in time.
  • People can hide the truth from you, but not forever.
  • You can hide yourself from the truth, but not forever.
  • Some of us will not be given the choice of what or when.
  • If the Universe wants you to know, the Universe will show you.
  • Ask the Universe to show you what is true, and then pay attention to what comes to you.

I highly recommend this video: the highlight reel from Sen. Ron Johnson’s round table:

You can also find it here:

This is the description of the video:

On January 24, 2022 Senator Ron Johnson invited a group of world renowned doctors and medical experts to the U.S. Senate to provide a different perspective on the global pandemic response, the current state of knowledge of early and hospital treatment, vaccine efficacy and safety, what went right, what went wrong, what should be done now, and what needs to be addressed long term. This 38 minute video highlights the 5-hour discussion. Click here for the entire event video:

Another video I highly recommend, is this interview with David Icke. I will readily admit it is further down the rabbit hole, but it matches everything I feel is true at this point in my journey.

It is 3-1/2 hours long, so watch it in segments. I watched the whole thing and am glad that I did.

Yes, I fully understand why it is difficult to accept any of this. You are in the matrix as projected by the corporate media and the government and upheld by social media. They keep assuring you that people outside of the matrix are dangerous right wing conspiracy theorist spreading misinformation and disinformation, but you cannot evaluate this if you shun that information.

Your life depends on it. At the same time, that is only what it is. You are here for a reason and unlike the popular euphemism, you don’t only live once. A lot of people will pass on never realizing the truth of what happened to them. A lot already have. It is estimated that more than half of a million Americans have already been murdered by these experimental injections. And then there are all of those who were murdered by intentionally dangerous treatment in response to whatever got them sick in the first place. [Some report that no one has died of COVID at home…only in hospitals and care homes. Isn’t that odd?]

One cannot heal from abuse until the abuse is ended. You have to see that you are being abused and choose to move away from that abuse before you can begin healing yourself and others of it.

[I am adding this footnote at about 10 am CST.] I just watched this short video, which shows the stark contrast between true reality and the matrix:

Janet Ossebaard and Cyntha Koeter are amazing and produce a number of videos exposing the truth.


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