Channeled Message, Manifestation

Moving Forward

[The following is based on a channeled message I brought through for myself this morning. If it resonates with you, it is for you too!]

We don’t want to tell you what will happen, because by front loading your thoughts, you might focus in that direction, thus increasing the probability of that particular occurrence. Instead, let’s focus on the flow of energy and how you can increase and/or direct it.

For example, in ___’s reading, you were seeing that she was not going to achieve what she sought. However, if you told her that, she would have been disappointed. When she encountered that outcome on her own, her organic response was relief, which told her what she needed to know. Through that relief, she realized that she didn’t fully want the outcome she sought…at least not here and now. It was important for her to get to that understanding on her own through the living of it.

What your words and reading did do for her was to advise her to keep her focus on the general flow of energy toward what she desires and what is available to her. She is getting ready to move “up”, and, of course, she gets to choose her own pace. She is choosing her own pace.

You do that for most people you work with.

So let’s do that for you…and others. Let’s look at the flow of energy here and now that anyone can tap into.

At present, there is a choosing. This is always true. Each and every day provides choices for one to take. The type of choosing that is highlighted here and now is the choosing of one path over another. Each represents a journey, but they are not equal. The one recommended, if taken, seems to require a letting go of one experience in order to facilitate the manifesting of another.

Underlying this choice is the desire for partnership and connection. That is a constant and consistent foundational desire, even if you move toward or away from it for bouts of time and even if you seek or shun various specific manifestations of it.

True choosing entails true intention. In other words, the most import part of the choice is choosing within the heart. Once you make that choice, with true intent, the journey commences and inspiration for action rolls into your now.

You are not likely feeling as if you are moving forward in any way right now. The evidence is so subtle, it is difficult to see or feel, but that does not mean you are stagnant or stationary.

The energy you are brining into the present situation is primarily the calming of fear and the clearing (releasing, cleansing) of worrisome thoughts. This is not the best energy you can be flowing into your present, but it is a good start.

In order to gain—to achieve—you must be willing to let go of some things. The willingness is key. It is not so much that you must give up to gain, that is not a rule, but through the willingness to give up something, you free yourself to move in more directions than before.

You are in the early stages of creation, preparing to intentionally draw yourself into a new experience. You are preparing raw energy since you don’t really have specific desires to focus on. You have lost sight of possibility. Too much of it has been seemingly taken from you. But it has not. For now, it is better to release your focus from the unwanted before moving into the specific focus of what is wanted. This need not last a long time.

A dominant aspect of your current vibration is that you are not seeing yourself as worthy or powerful. You are not thinking any of ‘it’ is worth the trouble or the bother or the effort. This cycle of thinking—seeing defeat before even embarking the journey—has you feeling exhausted.

For now, consider that you are merely laying a foundation. You are calming the frenetic energy so it can settle down to the earth. There, it will accumulate, coalesce, and solidify. Once it stabilizes, you can step up off of it to climb higher.

Burden and effort is not a necessary path to the new.

More than anything, you want a new physical existence. It doesn’t have to be a home or place or structure, but it has to be solid and daily (in your thinking). Of course, that is not required either.

The ‘problem’ is thinking too far ahead. It is not so much that you don’t see options available to you now, it is that you reject those options when you look down each road. These roads, these options, appear to ask too much from you. You see destinations that are either no better than now, or worse…too taxing, too costly, or painful. Yes, this is not new.

The outcome that you crave is a new physical experience. You want it to be real enough to see and touch and taste and smell. You crave participation in life again. You want to feel your way into it and experience it in undeniable ways.

For now, don’t think about what (experience) is predictable (or probable). Instead, look only at the flow of energy.

Part of the path to the realization of the new is through basking in those kinds of experience you are having. Your life may seem to be lacking touch and experience and flow and achievement, but that is merely an adopted perspective based on abundantly perceived limitation and fear. Bask in the small joys to cultivate more joy.


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