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It’s all going Mainstream now

The [information] war has gone mainstream, but you still have to look to see it.

For example, Justice Sotomayor recently made a claim regarding children and COVID. The CDC director, Dr. Fauci, and the Front Line Doctors all agreed that her statement was false (and significantly so). I cannot tell you how serious I think it is when a Supreme Court Justice makes false claims as it appears she has.

The BBC recently announced on the air that one of their employees died from the vaccine. (I listened to the recording. They didn’t say “possibly,” rather spoke definitively.) The NY Times admitted that children are being sacrificed (via COVID restrictions) for the sake of adults. And a 35 year-old Brazilian newscaster collapsed on camera and suffered five heart attacks just days after his last shot.

The mainstream (CNN) recently stated that cloth masks are completely ineffective against viruses, thus agreeing with the “conspiracy theory” from two years ago. The CDC recently stated that the initial two shots of the vaccines provide “little if no protection” agains the virus, but then state that the third shot does provide “reasonable” protection. (Again, I saw that video myself, despite YouTube taking it down.) However, the WHO counters that argument now stating that repeated booster shots of the original vaccine are not practical or effective (I forget their exact wording).

Reiner Fuellmich and team have been analyzing VAERs data as part of their ongoing lawsuit against the pharmasuedical companies and governments (referred to as “Nuremberg Trials 2.0”). They now claim that they can prove malicious intent legally, which will enable injured parties huge payments for damages.

And then there are the DOD documents that have been released, which show what DARPA has known and for how long at the minimum. The details in those documents, obtained by Project Veritas, are quite enlightening (and incriminating). In fact, Dr. Robert Malone states that they reveal a “premeditated manslaughter of millions of people” and Naomi Wolf states that they indicate that there is a civil war happening within the government, military, and NGOs. [As I have stated on social media: I do not see this war being between the left and the right. That is simply a cover story to hide the truth.]

So, the mainstream sources of information (CDC, FDA, WHO, governments and media) no longer agree…about practically anything! Some continue to push fascist mandates, even after they are struck down by the courts. Others are pivoting more and more away from their own previous claims.

In my introductory sentence, I placed the word information in brackets. That is because the information war is only the outermost part. It is what is hiding the real war from view. The information war is breaking down, which is unveiling the real war.

For example, a study of the public data of 145 countries strongly suggests that the vaccines have significantly increased the number of COVID cases and increased death (from all causes) when comparing 2021 to 2020. In fact, in the USA, both of those statistics have risen more than 30% (again, 2021 over 2020)! Some countries had nearly no COVID deaths in 2020, and then a sharp increase in deaths in 2021 only after vaccines rolled out! Life insurance companies have come out with comparable stats, showing a significant increase in death claims among their customers. [By the way, be sure to call your Life Insurance provider before you or your partner is vaccinated. It could nullify your policy since you or your partner is participating in a medical trial.]

Note that in the above data, they are tracking death from all causes, which eliminates the often false or at least easily falsified claim of cause.

Furthermore, in 2021, more than 300 professional athletes have collapsed (often on TV during a match) and something close to half of them died (usually from heart attacks). Professional athletes are dying every week now. This does not include the unusually large number of youth experiencing the same thing. And then there are the numerous celebrities (for example Bob Saget) and common folk who “died suddenly” after vaccination, their vaccination status being known because they publicly advertised their recent shots on social media.

A year ago, a number of people made predictions about what was coming based on the roll out of these vaccines. Many of these were not psychic predictions, rather informed forecasts. Sadly, those predictions are manifesting. The evidence is all over the mainstream. But again, you have to look for it to see it. It is not hidden data. The obituaries are out there. The videos, studies, testimonials, social media posts, and documents are out there, although they are being highly censored. The mainstream is simply not reporting on any of this in bulk. They are not putting the pieces together, but rather continue to push the false narrative.

As more information comes out, it is becoming clear that some if not all of what has happened over the past 3+ years was intentionally orchestrated. [If you question why I say 3+ years and not 2 years, you haven’t even begun to uncover information which is already out there.]

It is not my role to inform you of the details. There are literally hundreds of people out there doing that very thing. I am here to tell you that if you willfully ignore information that counters the mainstream, you place yourself at a manifestational disadvantage.

Furthermore, the path from here (surrounded by corruption, misinformation, and disinformation) to there (the truth) is not a straight line. Rather, it is a peeling of the onion. A patent lie may be the outer layer. The layer under that could also be completely false, but could show that the outer layer was a lie, and thus serve its purpose by getting the ball rolling.

We probably can’t just slice the onion in half to get to the truth hidden inside. There is just too much between where we are and there. We have to be willing to travel and willing to peel.

If you look at my writings over the years (books and blog), you will notice that I often speak of the importance of enjoying the journey. The journey is what life is about. We are always en route to somewhere. We may have achieved goals in one area of life, but still have desires for more in other areas.


The better you can enjoy the journey, the easier it all gets. I feel it is best to accept that much of what we are being told is suspect. Release the resistance to new information, but don’t latch onto that new information either. Best approach is to allow the universe to lead you down a path of revelation at a pace that works best for you. You don’t have to dive into the rabbit hole, but I don’t advise mocking those who do either. Trust me, when some of the meatier truth comes out, you are going to seek out those who know more than you do. And for the record, there is SO much more than just COVID crimes and corruption to be revealed!

Temperance reminds us that there is always the middle way. This is the path that neither resists the negative, nor focuses on it. Some may very well wish to participate in this war as a soldier, but the rest of you are best to watch it flow by, but with your eyes and ears open.


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