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Open-minded Skepticism

In my opinion, the best tool to begin resolving Mass Formation Psychosis is Open-minded Skepticism.

  • Open-mindedness requires one to take in new information and consider possibilities.
  • Skepticism requires one to not simply believe without evidence or disbelieve despite evidence.

When attempting to solve a problem, the first solution offered is not likely to be the best. However, by considering that first idea, one is led down a path toward better and better solutions.

As one evaluates new data, they must acknowledge that a statement or theory can be partly true and partly false at the same time. And keep in mind that clever people know how to speak without technically lying while implying something completely different than the truth.

Also, take care to do the evaluating yourself as much as possible. When you adopt someone else’s conclusions, you are back to believing and not thinking for yourself.

Alas, there isn’t enough time to take in all of the data and perform all the evaluating by oneself. It is thus only natural to accept specific ideas on faith and trust specific individuals…at least for a time, and until those ideas are challenged in some way. However, right now, many previously accepted ideas ARE being challenged, which is asking you to open your mind, be skeptical, and reevaluate what you consider to be true or false.

Furthermore, it is perfectly fine and good to vacillate.

The past two years have been quite dynamic for me. I have evaluated more data than ever, even considering my college years. The sum total of what I think is true changes on a daily basis. Some ideas have held steady for many months now. Some last for a few months, but then are found to be far too suspect to hold on to.

I am willing to change all of my beliefs. My thoughts, at any one time, do not define who I am. I cannot know what I don’t know until I come to know and only through open-minded skepticism can I learn and grow and evolve efficiently.

For the record, if Universe wants you to learn (understand, or know), and you are stubbornly closed-minded to the new idea, it will shower you with “appropriate” experience, but that is what I call living on the outside of the Wheel of Fortune (which goes up, up, up, and down, down, down). In my opinion, that is what is happening to all of us right now. We are being hit over the head with a constant barrage of information. All of it is questionable. All of our previously held beliefs are suspect.

This is uncomfortable. Our egos are threatened by the idea of being wrong. And, in my opinion, our current physical lives depend on it.

At the same time, I also do not subscribe to the idea that you only live once. I have far too many memories of previous lifetimes to think that. I don’t just believe this. I have evaluated tons of data and experience, and have a current conclusion, which is subject to change.

Open-minded Skepticism is the start. Developing one’s intuition is what follows. But one must be an open-minded skeptic in order to develop one’s intuition. That is because intuition is not mind. It is does not use memory. True intuition exists only here and now. You can remember how your intuition guided you yesterday; you can remember what it told you; but none of that data is necessarily relevant to the how or what here and now.

Yes, you can learn techniques to facilitate your alignment. Centering, meditating, breathing, taking a walk in nature, taking a shower, taking a nap, etc. can all promote the openness needed. But at any time, your intuition can come through in a new and different way, and when that happens, you must be open-minded to receive it.

In 2022, a deluge of information will rain upon us. Not all of it will be true. Perhaps not even the larger fraction of it will be. Who knows? But I can tell you that I am looking forward to this. I want to know. I want to explore. I want to consider. I am ready or at least excited about the possibility of new and better understanding.

And as new truths become known, old theories will be found to be false. As I’ve written before many times, illumination and disillusionment are the same thing. They are simultaneous. An increase in light and information creates both.

I wish for you the best of what you desire in 2022, but to accept this, you might have to let go of some old thoughts and beliefs. And so it is.


1 thought on “Open-minded Skepticism”

  1. David, I really like this phrase and never thought of it this way and yet it makes a lot of sense… illumination and disillusionment are the same thing. They are simultaneous. An increase in light and information creates both. Thank you for taking the time to write these posts ans help us see different perspectives. –


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