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The Box Makers

The Box Makers built a box and they shuffled us inside.

This box is not new. They planned and they plotted, they imagined and they schemed, for years and decades and longer.

The Box Makers know some of the secrets of the Universe. They know that “reality” is make-believe. The better term, one might use, is believe-make. Belief is where you start; the making is what follows.

The Box Makers didn’t make the box in as much as they designed it. You might prefer to call them the Box Blueprint Makers or perhaps the Map Makers. They make the blueprints, and “we” make the box. They make the maps, but only we follow those roads or not.

This subtle plan is clever…and keeps with the way things work. This reality is not just make-believe…simply believe-then-make. There is a special ingredient needed for the baking…and it is called emotion.

So they don’t just design the blueprints and get you to believe, they also amp up your emotion.

Love and Fear are powerful builders…not equally powerful, but powerful nonetheless. The more you love, the more you create from love, which begets more love. The more you fear, the more you create from fear, which begets more to fear. Love always moves you out of a smaller box into a larger one. Fear always corrals you into a smaller box than where you started.

For a long time, many of us, who were born into the box, saw the world from that vantage. We didn’t see walls or corners. We didn’t see limitations. We just saw it as we thought it was. We called what we saw laws of science, laws of religion, and laws of the state, and questioned little of it.

Except for those who have. Some of us have always called into question the laws…and have gotten beaten back repeatedly because of it.

In fact, the Box Makers, clever as they are, designed their box to contain two halves (within many dimensions). No matter what subject you choose for your focus, there’s always this side and that one. You were born into one half, and perhaps clamored your way to the other. It is far too easy to see one half as right and the other as wrong. Some of the labels you wear with pride, some you choose, others you’re more or less stuck with.

Because the Box Makers wanted to keep you fighting those internal wars, they enticed your focus always to their (fabricated) internal dividers. This kept you from questioning (pushing on) the outer walls…the walls that separate you from the greater reality that exists outside of their box.

Recently the Box Makers changed their plan, or rather their pace…they upped their game. The box they/we created all of these years became too crowded for them. They decided to trim it down. They no longer felt they could control those in their original box, so they created a smaller one and started corralling you into it.

Many of us have known about these boxes. We’ve been teaching you to see beyond the walls. We’ve guided to you imagine life beyond the limitations you’ve been taught. We’ve assured you that you are worthy.

Those that started to believe in this more abundant universe, began to see beyond the box. Some travel beyond it. Others even live outside of it…at least some of the time. Thus, when these Box Makers began corralling the masses into their new smaller box, we saw right through it. Not at first, but assuredly in time.

Because we are outside of their new little box, we can see them holding it together. We see who is behind each wall. Big Media, Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Banks, and Big Government each props up a wall. Each defends the others. They built the Internet to keep tabs on all of us, but didn’t expect we’d talk about what’s outside of the walls via it.

We’ve been ridiculed by the best of you, and thus when they (or you) call us names, attempting to shame us into silence, it doesn’t really work. The universe outside of their box is vast, but sparsely populated. We’re used to going it alone out here.

Remember this, and remind yourself often, in fact, never let yourself forget: they don’t make the box you live in, you do.

They can guide you to the fountain, but they can’t make you drink. They can scare you into complying, but they can’t make you do any of their bidding.

They gaslight you, but that only works until you see the true light.

They can threaten you. They can warn you. They can tell you to not look outside of their little box of deception, telling you to trust them and assuring you that it is nothing but misinformation, disinformation, and dangerous conspiracy theories “out there”, but only you can choose to open your eyes or hold them shut. Their labels aren’t real, though many take them to heart.

All of this reality is a temporary experience. It is all an illusion to one degree or another. You won’t see the entirety of it until you leave…and no one gets out alive.

Keep in mind that all boxes exist within larger boxes. You’ll never find the end of it. The joy of living is growing beyond a box, and expanding into the larger space. In each jump, you are met with expansive wonder and then years of exploration and discovery.

If all boxes are illusions and make-believe, what difference does it make? What does it matter?

I say, why not live in a box that is of your own creation? If and when you create a box for yourself—with choice and intention—you can always and easily step out of it and choose (to make) another.

The very walls that protect also imprison. Choose for yourself. See that you are choosing nevertheless. Even when you comply, you are choosing to do so. Your beliefs are nothing more than the thoughts you choose to keep thinking.

They don’t own your love or your joy. They didn’t give it to you. They cannot take it away.


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