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A Tsunami of Regret

When a thrust earthquake strikes just below the sea floor, the water is significantly displaced. This creates a formidable wave, which travels across the oceans. When it comes ashore, a tsunami flows unabated and destroys or displaces nearly everything in its path.

In days or weeks, we just might experience the same thing…metaphorically. The seafloor has already ruptured; the water already displaced. A tsunami of truth is going to wash over the land affecting all who live there. What will follow are strong waves of emotion: betrayal, regret, guilt, anger, and fear.

We have already been treading high tides of anger and fear, so those waves might not be noticed. But the betrayal, the guilt, and the regret will be profound…not for everyone, but for those who have clung so tightly to the deception.

Those of you who are already awake and aware might be thinking: “Which lies are you talking about, David?”

Indeed, there are so many.

Truth be told, I cannot tell you how many of these truth waves we’ll experience in these coming weeks and months, or how close together they will wash over us. But I do feel that there is one that is coming that will stand out from the rest. This one will rise higher and will have the greater impact on those who didn’t see it coming. Actually, it will affect us all, just in different ways.

I am sure many of you have been hearing the phrase: “The Big Lie.” I don’t know who coined it, but I see it floating around. That phrase does not represent the huge lie I am speaking of here.

The bigger lie in my opinion is the phrase: “safe and effective.”

The tsunami of truth will obliterate those words. Once this wave washes over the lands, no one will utter them together for years to come. If one dares, no one else will trust them.

These experimental treatments are decidedly not safe and not effective, unless their intended goal is in fact depopulation. This is absolute truth. If you cannot see this now, then prepare yourself for the tsunami of information that is coming. If you want to get ahead of curve, peruse what is seen here:

[I am adding this note on January 24, 2022. I think the tsunami is coming ashore now. I just encountered this article:

If the above link does not work, try this one:]

If you are now waking up, and have already been shot, first and foremost, do not get any more of them. There are those out there who have recommendations to help you. And there are those who believe that many of you were actually injected with something other than the bad stuff. Furthermore, I am hearing of angels out there, risking their own livelihoods, replacing the poison with saline.

For some of us, it is not the tsunami of truth that will impale us, but the realization of it…the events and experiences around us.

At this time, death and significant injury are only one degree separated from me. This past week, I heard of strokes and heart attacks that have struck down otherwise fit and healthy men younger than me—men who have taken the poisonous shots and are suffering the consequences. It is so sad that many still cannot connect the effect with the cause.

Before now, it was all speculation and possibility seen only in words and images on my screen. I have studied the theories and have perused the data filtering through the sections of the internet not infiltrated by the nefarious criminals, trying to hide and hold back the truth.

So why am I writing about this?

For one, the words have been burning inside of me. I just had to get them out. When the wave of truth washes over us, followed by the wave of regret, guilt, betrayal, anger, and fear, those of us who have been anticipating this storm will be needed. To us, the storm is so close now, we can taste it in the air.

What is legitimately happening on the planet is getting more and more obvious. Australia, for example, is experiencing the equivalent of a militant authoritarian takeover. Far too many are still brainwashed by the gaslighting media and support the genocidal regime. Far, far too many are not willing to seek information outside of the censored illusory realm and the propagandistic prevarication.

Down under, the police are emulating the brownshirts. I am seeing the horrid videos, the worst displaying the abuse of children, ripped from their dissenting parents’ hands and force-injected or isolated from their family. [The image at the top of this post is from one of those videos. That little girl was screaming in terror and she tried to escape.]

Many, who were indoctrinated by the evil liars, have been abusing their own children with day-long masking, continuous poisoning via disinfectants, and the draconian so-call protections, which are forms of imprisonment and flagellation. This is going to be one of the most difficult truth waves to stomach. Many will regret taking the shots in their own arms, but those who scorned the truth-tellers and advised or pressured others to fall in line, including their own children, will feel the strongest guilt.

My anger at these people will get washed away by this tsunami and will be replaced with strong compassion, empathy, and tears. For months, I have wanted to slap those who are still dangerously asleep to wake them, but once I witness their suffering, my heart will ache; I will weep and then do what I can for those who seek my assistance.

This past week hit me hard. The rising tension and anxiety had me shuddering. The reality of what is happening set in…and I found myself feeling strong waves of grief…not grief for those who have died, but for what is coming…or perhaps the realization and experience of what has already begun.

The censorship is impeding the flow of information to such a large degree, I can’t tell how much is actually happening. After the tsunami dismantles those barriers, I too may be shocked by what I see.

Each of us is going to have to process these strong feelings while simultaneously helping others. The more we rise up to help each other, the easier it will be to process our own pain. That is because we’ll be coming together in ways we have not in a long, long time.

We will be helping each other even when we are not trying. Those who come to us for guidance will simultaneously soothe us, for each carries their own gifts.

That is how love works: both the lover and the loved benefit.

There is an ever-growing network of those who have the eyes to see. So, so many of us have been incognito. Others of us have been toeing the line, speaking out just enough to let others know who we are and where we are.

Reach out to me if you feel alone or afraid. And if you are seeking more information or places to look for it, I just might have the start of what you need.

I posted this on my blog and social media nearly one year ago today:


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