Co-Creation, American Style

Today is the third and final day Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium. I am betting that most of my readers are not paying attention to it. This is not going to be a detailed summary or review, but I will use the symposium as an example and share my thoughts.

[The image at the top is retired U.S. Army Colonel Phil Waldron and is from this video:, which I highly recommend.]

Anything I share about the symposium is my perspective. I am not telling anyone else what to believe. But I will also say I am convinced and impressed and amazed by what I see happening. I am also infuriated and abhorred by the crimes that are rampant in this country.

A good friend of mine expressed her perspective of the event. She tuned in for a bit and got nothing out of what she saw. Based on that small segment, she was concerned, thinking this event would be viewed poorly by the rest of the USA and the world.

When she tuned in, highly technical men and women were examining files on disk images. They were talking over each other. They were searching, and discussing, trying to figure out what events took place from the breadcrumbs left behind. To a non-technical person, watching this was a complete waste of time.

My perspective was completely different. I have a EECS (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) degree from UC Berkeley. I worked as a Software Engineer and Architect for 15+ years. I was thoroughly impressed with what I saw.

I witnessed, in real time, a group of concerned citizens, using their technical skills, to uncover criminal behavior. Members in the audience and on stage, who know the law intimately, were citing specific laws that were broken. They even began to discuss what to do about the situation they were unearthing.

Some expected this symposium to be a reveal, as if all of the details of crimes committed were already known. But no. This is an investigation, by normal people. Yes, some legislators were in the audience, but the ones investigating were primarily the kind of people you might live next to: university professors, moms, retired military, software programmers, scientists, and doctors.

As a metaphysician, what I witnessed was co-creating at its best. I felt as if I was transported back in time to the weeks and months before the birth if this nation. We know those men’s names as leaders. We see their faces on our money and in paintings on walls of our government buildings. But then? I suspect that many of those men (and the women we don’t know much about) were just normal people, like the ones I saw at the symposium yesterday.

Some people are rising up and taking leadership roles. Some are commanding in their presentation style, like Cap. Seth Keshel, who’s presentation was polished and professional (

Dr. Frank’s presentation ( was filled with data, graphs, and analogies to better understand the algorithmic fraud he reverse-engineered. If you only watch one video to understand proof of cyber fraud, watch this one!

In another presentation, I was completely awed by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai’s level of intelligence and eloquence, let alone his ideas and the recent experiences he endured (

Another man, who I have been following lately, displayed a much softer persona. Prof. David Clements, a law professor in Las Cruces, NM, speaks softly, slowly, and methodically ( Even though his emotions are more even-keeled, I can feel his true feelings just below the surface.

[In the afternoon of August 12th, David Clements gave an amazing presentation. I so recommend watching it:]

We, the United States of America, are in a war. It is primarily (but not solely) an information war. It is not one party against the other. In fact, if you still see it that way, you don’t really see what is going on at all. You are seeing a false narrative presented to you by the main stream, which keeps you hating and fighting the people you love rather than uniting against the true abusers.

The Democrats did not steal the election from the Republicans. Many, on both sides, want you to believe that, perhaps because that is what they believe. But that is not at all what is happening. You cannot use external labels or characteristics to separate the pure of heart from the heinous.

The only way to learn what is actually happening in this world is to observe as unbiased as you can. One must constantly quell their gut reaction, which is a trained response. (Sic, dog, sic.) The intuition is quiet; it is soft; it is barely a whisper. One cannot proceed with any success lest he wield discernment continuously.

One must dispel all labels when observing. One must truly listen…and to the source, not the spokespersons that lie in waiting. You have to look into their eyes and feel into their heart. Are they power hungry, or passionate? Are the dragging you into fear or urging you toward courage?

One must also recognize that all of these men and women are human. They are fighting the war on the front line. Each is toeing the line of their own limits, while being attacked by even their own family members. At times, they express strong frustration and even anger. When you really see what is being done, to them, to us, it is hard to watch. The corruption, the abuse, the gaslighting, the lies, the crimes against humanity. It is all connected.

I have received psychic hits all of my adult life. I felt a calling. A part of me has been preparing and training for this time, or the one just ahead.

I have abundant and ever growing love and respect for all of these people I see, who I knew nothing about weeks, months, or years ago. This realm of existence is changing rapidly.

The more you deny and resist what is happening, the more painful it will be for you. Believe what you believe, but do so based on evidence and with an open mind. Every so-called fact may not be true. As one medical doctor said just recently, the claims by the CDC and the NIH are not only counter-factual, but go against the very science they paid for.


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