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My previous post was called Read for Yourself. It announced Tools that I have been publishing to help you do Tarot readings for yourself.

Since that post, I have added to that project. In addition to my Essays on Tarot, I have written (as of 8/3/2021) a complete Reference Guide for the Tarot. Start with my Tools page and you’ll find everything linked off of there.

This post addresses a different subject. The play on words relative to the previous post just popped in on its own, and was too good to pass up.

As much as possible, speak your thoughts and beliefs in your own words.

When you find yourself simply repeating the thoughts and phrases of others, you are following mental programing. We are all programmed to some degree. When someone sneezes, responses fly out of our mouths automatically. Bump into someone and you don’t have to think, sorry; you just say it.

Take note, however, that, when one simply repeats the words of another, we call it aping for a reason.

For years now, the media has been pushing phrases repeatedly. In response to articles I have posted on Facebook now and again, I hear these word-for-word idioms echoed back to me. This is a clear sign that the one writing or saying those words has been brainwashed to some degree within that subject.

A primary example are those reciting the claim that, “Covid vaccines are safe and effective.” This statement is not true…yet. Covid vaccines are experimental. By definition, experimental means: “we do not yet know the results.” Furthermore, thousands of deaths and tens of thousands of injuries have been reported. Are these provably resulting solely from the vaccines? We cannot yet say. However, censoring people who are sharing their experiences is suspect, at the very least.

When discussing vaccines, speak for yourself. Speak from your own perspective. Start your sentences with the letter ‘I’. We don’t yet know the truth in general terms, but we are all having our experiences regarding them.

Another example is this: anyone who claims QAnon is a “dangerous far-right conspiracy theory” has not read any Q posts whatsoever. The Media constantly makes claims about this so-called group, but none of it is based on truth. Well, except in this one way. If some of the claims discussed in the Q drops turn out to be true, then this is very dangerous to the corrupt individuals who are committing those crimes.

If you want to actually know what the Q posts are about…go read them for yourself! [Here is one source:] Don’t read what other people tell you about them. Go to the source, then make up your own mind. Regardless, use your own words to describe what you think or believe.

Another phrase often used verbatim is: “there is no evidence of election fraud.” Again, this is a highly ignorant statement and is provably wrong. In fact, many have already been arrested for their actions. Go look it up! If you are not seeing evidence, then say that: “I haven’t seen any evidence of election fraud.” You can even say, “I don’t believe any exists,” or, “I don’t trust what I have seen.” In these statements, you would be speaking truthfully and intelligently from your own perspective.

By the way, don’t buy into the limiting belief that one party stole from the other. That is not the case. The corruption exists on both sides and all over the place. Full audits will show that down-ticket seats were stolen probably on both sides. The systems used have been around a long time. This is not new, it was just taken to a new level in 2020.

The map pictured at the top of this post is the results of Captain Seth Keshel’s work. He was an analyst for Army Intelligence, and has been diligently analyzing the data state by state and county by county using data in the public domain. This is not actual fraud, but highlights (via red and yellow) those places where the data (votes) departed from expectation dramatically (given current registration trends and historical patterns). You can find Seth on Telegram via:

Even if you fully believe something you have been told, say it in your own words. This requires you to use your brain for more than just memory retrieval. In this way, you fire more than just one set of synapses.

Repeating phrases word-for-word is like walking the same steps across your yard over and over again. After a while, you will have killed all of the grass there and have worn a path in your lawn. Do this enough, and you create a rut; a rut deep enough is hard to get out of.

I sometimes speak about dry riverbeds. When the water returns, the path of least resistance is for it to flow within the pre-existing banks. Similarly, one’s knee-jerk reaction is to repeat something they’ve heard over and over, rather than to think and then act.

Mantras are powerful. That is why brainwashing is possible. You wire your brain to follow specific pathways through repetition. It is akin to muscle-memory. We teach our kids through repetition. We continually and emphatically say please and thank you to instill a habit we value. This isn’t bad, per se, but it is a form of programming.

Pre-programmed mental data is useful. Lots of our rudimentary math rolls right out of our brain because of this. [Quick: what is 2+2? 4×4? 10/2?] Language is one of our more sophisticated programs. Once we know a language, we don’t have to think about it to use it.

As an adult, choose your own programming. If you want to be programmed by a perceived external authority, then make that choice consciously. If you prefer to be a free thinker, then catch yourself before you repeat their words.

Referring back to my existing projects, the same goes for the Tarot. When we merely memorize words or phrases for specific cards, we simply echo the ideas when doing a reading. But this does not activate the intuitive mind. There is too much momentum in those rehearsed paths. When you speak in your own words, you are more apt to be diverted by your intuition. When your intuition does this, you’ll find yourself saying something differently than you did before, and in those new words, you might find new meanings or nuance.

I recently watched a video where a man spoke of the power of speaking things out loud. This immediately resonated. When I am doing a reading for another, and get in the flow, I often find myself saying (or writing) things in a unique way. Because I am also listening to myself speak, I learn from this new information. I am constantly expanding my understanding in this way. Sometimes, I’ll find an interpretation for a card that only applies in this one reading, which is often quite valuable and pertinent.

We are in (or embarking) the Age of Aquarius, which is all about knowledge and information. In its onset, we are decidedly in an information war. The presence of censorship is all the proof I need of this.

As part of my application to UC Berkeley many moons ago, I wrote an essay entitled: Minds are like parachutes, they only work when they are open. I have a feeling it was that essay that got me in. I have been living from that basis ever since.

Don’t let your values or your beliefs bias your observing. Just because someone claims to hold the same values or beliefs as you do, doesn’t mean they are speaking truth or acting with integrity. And just because someone sits on the other side of some conceptual fence, doesn’t mean their words won’t benefit you in some way. The best observing is done with three eyes wide open!


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