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Read for Yourself

Do you do Tarot readings for yourself? Do you dabble and pull a card or two now and again? Are you interested in doing either of the above?

Those of you who subscribe to my blog probably got a number of emails yesterday. Sorry about that. As part of a new project, I ported a few old posts from my previous blog. I completely forgot notifications would go out.

Those of you who read those posts first thing saw the originals as they were first written more than 11 years ago. I have since updated at least one of them.

So what have I been up to?

In my previous post (Actual vs Potential), I mentioned the new Tools page I created and what you will find there. Well, I have already expanded this quite a bit. In addition to detailed descriptions of my three proprietary layouts, I have now added an index.

I am calling this index: Essays on the Tarot. On that page, you will find a complete list of the 78 cards of the Tarot (grouped by suit). For many of them, you will find a link to a specific blog post, which describes that card in some detail.

I then decided to, not only index these blogs, but also expand their usefulness. For example, many posts didn’t originally mention a particular card. If I select that kind of post to represent a card or three, I will add a short description at the top.

I have most of the Major Arcana indexed at this time, plus a number of cards in each of the other suits…and I am actively working on others. I have been blogging since 2008, so I have a lot of posts to sort through.

As of 8/2/2021, I have also added a complete Reference Guide to the Tarot, covering all 78 cards. You now have enough resources to do your own readings. You can use any of my spreads, pull cards, and then look up each one. Or, you can pull a single card or three for a given day, and read about them. Use the Reference Guide for a short description, then check my essays if you want to explore a card further. Some essays precisely describe my take on the card(s) indicated. Some are more creative, but do match the card(s) in some way.

The essays don’t cover all 78 cards at this time. If I am happy with the results of this project, I just might roll all of this up into a full fledge book/ebook on the Tarot. I guess we’ll see.

I founded A Fool’s Inclination in April of 2010. I have been reading the Tarot professionally even before then. And, I have been doing readings for myself and friends as far back as college. It is not uncommon for clients, friends, and readers to ask me about this card or that one, so it only makes sense to compile all of this information.

Enjoy! And if you try any of this out, let me know how it goes!


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