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Actual vs Potential

In my previous article (Tendency), I introduced the idea that an Astrological Birth Chart can describe one’s tendency to flow (express or project) energy (thoughts, feelings, actions, and resources) in a particular way. The Natal Chart is the starting point. By also reviewing the progressed charts, we can see how that tendency might trend over one’s lifetime. Thus, we can observe the evolutionary tendency of our tendencies. (See, Astrology is much more complex than most think!)

So, what about the actual flow of energy in any particular moment? And is there potential for something different?

Astrology is an excellent tool to understand why something is the way it is. By looking at the tendencies…and what is actively highlighted (via current transits), we do shine light onto the present situation. When someone follows their instinctual tendencies, it is easy to match the Astrological aspects to the details experienced in the present.

Yet, we always have options.

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As much as I love the Astrological perspective, it is only one tool of many. To better gauge what is actually happening, and what potentials may be available to us, I recommend using the Tarot.

We select Tarot cards here and now. These cards thus reflect the current vibration: what is presently happening, and what potentials are within our reach. If we ask a specific question, we might get a specific answer. Sometimes, the cards convey something different, which is always fun.

In 2009, I designed a custom layout to match my unique intentions. I had used various spreads, from the classic Celtic Cross, to those others have included in their own books. All have features I liked, but there always seemed to be something missing that I wanted. Sometimes there were things I just didn’t resonate with.

My first proprietary layout is an 8-card spread I call the Guided Solution Spread. I specifically included a position for Spirit to provide guidance to help us move toward solution (or improvement). This spread is based on my understanding of numerology.

In 2013, I created a second layout. At that time, I had been doing professional Tarot readings for 3+ years within A Fool’s Inclination. During those early years, I found that it was not uncommon for people to ask about a relationship dynamic they were struggling with.

The 15-card layout I created is specifically designed to provide information on each party separately. There are 5 cards for each individual, and then 5 more for the relationship as a whole. This reading is not tailored specifically for domestic partnerships. It can be used for any situation where 2 people are involved.

This layout is loosely derived from my first. At the time, I was inspired to add two positions for each individual to illustrate the flow of energy with each. In any situation, each person brings something to the dynamic, and experiences something back. To read about this layout in more detail, visit: Relationship Spread.

Now, in this first half of 2021, I have found myself using my Relationship Spread more than ever. One day recently, I was inspired to update and evolve my trusted Guided Solution Spread to better match the Relationship Spread. The specific information I wanted to add was the tracking of the flow of energy into and out of the current situation. I also added one additional card regarding the future, to better contrast the probable future from a potential higher outcome. My newest spread is an 11-card layout, which I am calling the Guided Evolution Spread.

These tools are what I use in my business and for personal use. I am now publishing detailed descriptions of each for you to use as well. Over time, I hope to publish more tools for your benefit. The index page to keep an eye on is here:, which can always be found off of the main menu from anywhere in my site.

I have been writing in my A Fool’s Inclination Blog for 11 years now. That’s a lot of information. All of it is still available, but one has to go looking for something they may be interested in. [You can search my blog if you are looking for a particular topic! There is a field in the right hand column for that.]

All of my layouts robustly describe the present. All three show guidance from Spirit and also reach forward into the potential that is within reach.

When requesting a reading, you are always free to select the spread you prefer. If not, I will intuitive choose what feels best regarding your interests. If you’ve seen me read, you’ll note that I pull extra cards nearly all of the time.


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