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Heavy Weight Lifting

So you asked for that dream again – and louder, refined your intent – and then jacked up your vibration.  Now you really got yourself in a bind.

Did you really think that when you told the Universe that you wanted to be strong, that it would hesitate to drop a ton of bricks on your shoulders?

You say to the Universe, “I want to resurrect the Emperor that I know is inside,” and then before you know it – you are forced to set boundaries and forced to have conversations with those that have been walking all over you.  You are challenged left and right and then want nothing more but to whine and complain about it.

But what would the Emperor do?

Maybe you’ve finally opened that cage around your heart, and let someone in for a minute. Did you think you would suddenly not have any worries ever again?  I’m strong now.  Me Tarzan, you Jane, I call the shots and you obey.

Seven of Swords
Seven of Swords

Sorry, that’s not how high vibration relationships work.

At the Seven of Swords, the Universe backed you into a corner.

“So, you wanna take control of your life.  You want to know yourself as the creator of your own reality.  OK.”

But when they handed you the keys to that shiny, new vehicle, they didn’t tell you that it was manual transmission, had 7 speeds, and oh yeah, the steering wheel’s on the wrong side.

Seven of Wands
Seven of Wands

Sometimes, the very next experience we have after the Seven of Swords is the Seven of Wands. At the Seven of Swords, we so want to prosecute that jerk that stole our heart/wallet/bike/job/idea. We were wronged and boy are they gonna pay.  But at the Seven of Wands, the whole world is against us.  If our limit was 3, the Universe gives us 7!

So we burned off some Karma through the Seven of Swords, and then, in a calm moment, our higher self lovingly speaks to us:

“Now that you are calm and centered, I thought I would show you something.  You know that person/those people you are so mad at?  Do you wanna see the real story? Here, let us show you all of the thoughts you’ve been thinking…”

Damn it!  Why can’t I just be mad at him and her, and them over there?  Why can’t I just be right that I was wronged and call it a day?

All right. I give up. I give in.  I’ll accept responsibility, begrudgingly.  But I’m not going to do it this way any longer. Next time, I am going to create what I want, not the stupid opposite experience.  I’m not going to be jealous when someone else gets the high paying job that I wanted.  I’m not going to feel envious when so-and-so loses 20 pounds and I gain 5.  I’m not going to lock myself in my house because I just can’t handle humanity any more.

This time, I’m gonna be bulletproof!

Wham! (That was the Universe hitting you with something again.)

How do you think they test something that’s bulletproof, by the way?  THEY SHOOT AT IT!!!

Are you so intent in your convictions that you are willing to put on the vest and walk down to the other end of the shooting range?  Are you sure?

So, the Seven of Wands is that time, wearing the bulletproof vest, standing in front of the target, and I’m not talking about the store.

Remember, the whole point of this realm is experience.  You want to be strong? The Universe will create for you the experience of strength, which means you’ll be challenged;  you’ll be pushed;  you’ll be stress tested.

But you know what else?

You’ll make it!  You might find the next weakness, flaw, or kink, but then you’ll have the opportunity to work it out. And the time after that, you’ll lift more, throw farther, and run faster.

And for the record, I say this all of the time: don’t hold back!  When the heavy weight lifter goes for the world record, he grunts; he groans; he grumbles if he has to.  Vent, blow off the stream, scream in a pillow, smash a dish.  Let your passions flow.

Fight your supposed weaknesses. They don’t have a chance.

You can do it now – just one more set – just 2 more reps – push – Argh!


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