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Rolling into 2017

One of the age old questions that has yet to be answered is this: which is the proper way to hang a roll of toilet paper? Hold that thought… In the 70s, Jane Roberts channeled a book called The Nature of Personal Reality. In it, Seth stated, in no uncertain terms, that we create our… Continue reading Rolling into 2017

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Emperor’s Chair

About five or six weeks ago, an interesting inclination struck. I had woken early that day and put in a number of hours of work by 11:00 am. I was ready for a break when it hit. From seemingly out of nowhere, I felt the strongest urge to go to a yoga class. Seven years… Continue reading Emperor’s Chair

Seven of Swords
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Heavy Weight Lifting

So you asked for that dream again - and louder, refined your intent - and then jacked up your vibration.  Now you really got yourself in a bind. Did you really think that when you told the Universe that you wanted to be strong, that it would hesitate to drop a ton of bricks on… Continue reading Heavy Weight Lifting