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Rolling into 2017

One of the age old questions that has yet to be answered is this: which is the proper way to hang a roll of toilet paper?

toilet-paperHold that thought…

In the 70s, Jane Roberts channeled a book called The Nature of Personal Reality. In it, Seth stated, in no uncertain terms, that we create our own reality. I believe this was the first I’d heard of the concept.

Since, many have stepped up and added to my understanding, most notably: Abraham via Esther Hicks. [Actually, some of my favorite material came through directly, from my own channeling, and is included in my books and here in my blog.]

If we create our own reality, that means, by definition, that our reality is a fabrication. It is made up. It is also real…the root of reality. I love how, in our language, the noun fabrication simultaneously means “a creation,” and, “a lie!”

If you know anything about how houses, skyscrapers, or software programs are created, you know that it is via a layering approach. With a house, first the ground is prepared, and the foundation is laid. Next goes up the studs, the framing of the walls, and then the framing of the roof and ceiling. Much gets placed inside of the walls before the layer of sheet rock and siding (or equivalent) is placed upon them.

Our current reality is constructed in the same manner. Some of it was started long before we were born.

And keep in mind that our reality is not just layers of material: tar, concrete, wood, metal, and plastic. It is also layers upon layers of concepts. For example, we are told things like:

  • You only live once.

  • Disease is the source of pain.

  • An expected lifespan is 80 to 100 years with rare exceptions.

  • After you die, you go here or there or the other place, depending on your behavior and whom you ask.

  • Men are like this; women are like that.

  • This list of actions are wrong while that list of actions are right.

Individually, life experience has taught us another list—a personal list of beliefs:

  • I am not good enough.

  • I need to earn my keep.

  • I need to prove my worth.

  • I need to atone for my wrongdoings.

  • I need to make my self lovable.

  • Life is hard.

  • Only the fit or the lucky get what they want.

In my daily writings, Spirit often redefines concepts for me, or provides interesting analogies. For example there is this:

You are so free, you exercise your freedom by choosing to believe you are not free. That is what the Wheel of Fortune is really about. All illusion folds back on itself and proves that the false concept is illusory. That is why you can never get lost indefinitely. Every limiting (and thus unreal) concept you believe in will experientially take you back to what is ultimately Real.

For a minute, picture ultimate Reality (the Absolute) as a tube or cylinder. It may be vast, but it is finite. It is made of a single substance: Love, which is also light, which is also consciousness, which is also intelligence, which is also energy, which is also vibration. That’s it. That is Absolute Reality. There is no space, there is no time, there is no matter, there is no sin, there is no evil, there is no darkness, there is no lack.

From the only True and Real substance, however, we are able to create That-Which-Is-Not. Matter, for example, was created from light or energy or vibration. The light/energy/vibration is still there, but is hidden from view. Matter appears to be lacking in light, lacking in consciousness, lacking in energy, but all of that is actually there. In fact, that is all that is there.

We experience matter. And we believe matter is real. That belief has us studying matter—looking at it more and more closely. First we found that matter was composed of atoms, but those atom were tiny and separated by lots of space. We then looked into the atoms, found a tiny, tiny nucleus surrounded by an electron cloud taking up a lot of space.

Do you think we’ll ever find a thing, an actual piece of matter? Or will we simply find energy occupying space? And what, pray tell, makes the energy do that? Well, that’s intelligence, I say, consciousness…love!

Nonetheless, in our reality, we have matter, and once you have (the illusion) of matter, you then have a building block for all sorts of things: namely every thing we know about and many things we do not know about.

Thoughts, likewise, are the building blocks of ideas, concepts, and knowledge. Gender, for example, is a concept constructed from a pile of ideas divided into male and female. However, notice how the ideas about gender are being challenged left and right. Yes, most human bodies are either biologically male or female, but not all of them are. Furthermore, gender identity is not necessarily related to biological gender. And then there’s gender expression (masculine vs feminine) and sexual orientation, all of which, we are learning, are independent concepts that only generally lump together.

Just the way a house is built physical layer upon physical layer, our experiential reality is constructed by concept layered upon concept, which affects every single experience we have: be it physical, mental, emotional, relational, or spiritual.

If Absolute Reality is a single tube of Love, everything else can be thought of as the rolls of toilet paper wrapped around it. This is not bad…it is just the way it is. Toilet paper is quite useful, wouldn’t you say?!?

However, some rolls may be overly rough and abrasive, and might have outlived their usefulness. And that’s where my newest analogy for the Wheel of Fortune comes in. As the wheel turns, we’re either rolling or unrolling—adding layers to our current view of reality, or removing them. That is what this form of creation is.

I, for one, am noticing how much unrolling I’ve been doing of late. I keep seeing how I’d taken a concept (such as self-protection) and rolled more and more ideas upon it until it became a fortress…and one that I no longer want to live in. Having done that, I am now rolling the paper in the other direction, unrolling and unwinding the false and limiting beliefs. Simultaneously, I am creating a new roll, which feels much better.

For example, if I saw an event coming that looked potentially dangerous or uncomfortable, I used to think that I needed to carefully discern whether to proceed forward, or turn to avoid the event. Just today, I was reminded of a better approach. The event is not the problem, the thought that it is potentially dangerous is the problem. I can choose to look at the event with new eyes, thus seeing it as something to be enjoyed. In this way, I can pre-pave (anticipate) a better experience, which then has a higher probability of actually occurring as a pleasant experience.

The more you expect positive experiences, the more positive experiences you create. Trying to avoid negative experiences just adds paper to the idea that negative experiences are populous, painful, and need to be avoided or endured.

As long as we’re living inside of this physical realm, we’re rolling up some ideas into a reality (little ‘r’). It’s unavoidable. That is what this place is, after all. And there is nothing wrong with that. Most everything that we love experientially is a part of this reality. We love sunsets, holding hands, making love, eating delicious foods, driving fun vehicles, sharing ideas, creating things, visiting beautiful places, and so on and so forth.

The point is, I am learning to allow the tubes to roll, sheet by sheet. I am letting the limiting concepts roll off, and I am more consciously rolling up the life experience I wish for myself.

In Chapter 14 in Scribe to the Pantheon of Rome, Spirit tells John that The Emperor (card IV in the Tarot) represents mastery within the (physical) Earth realm. They also explain how The Emperor came to be seated on his throne. This (channeled) information is something I think about often and am learning to apply to my daily life. I do recommend it, if I say so myself.

In any event, next time you’re sitting on your throne, you now have more to contemplate than simply which way to hang the toilet paper! 🙂 You can envision all subjects in your life as rolls of toilet paper and decide which ones you want to continue building, and which ones you want to unravel a bit.


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