Seven of Swords
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The Lesson of the 7 of Swords

[This is an updated version of an article I wrote on my previous blog on 4/20/2010.] At the 7 of Sword, your problem came with a name and a face. Even if you don't know who it was, you know someone committed the crime. In a word, it may have been theft. More generally, and… Continue reading The Lesson of the 7 of Swords

Seven of Swords
Astrology, Tarot & Numerology

Heavy Weight Lifting

So you asked for that dream again - and louder, refined your intent - and then jacked up your vibration.  Now you really got yourself in a bind. Did you really think that when you told the Universe that you wanted to be strong, that it would hesitate to drop a ton of bricks on… Continue reading Heavy Weight Lifting