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Sitting on the beach watching the waves. We notice the obvious ebb and flow right off, but is the tide receding or coming in? We look at the marks in the sand for evidence and watch what the water is doing. After a handful of waves, we see one that goes just a bit higher up the beach than the others. The tide is coming in.

Two of Pentacles
Two of Pentacles

At the Two of Pentacles, our new vibration has already begun. We lifted anchor and now our boat moves forward. But does that mean we are completely free of the past?

Learning from the waves, we know that the low tide of our past vibration does not give way to the high tide of our future linearly. There will be ups and downs, back and forth as we grow more and more accustom to our new vibration. Some tides will bring things in, and others will take things away.

January 2012 is exactly this. We are in a new year. The energy has shifted just like the gravitational pull of the moon. The tides have turned. Watch the ups and downs long enough and you can tell the tide is rising.

We are moving. With each crest, we can see far into the future toward the horizon. We can also look back at the road we’ve traveled to get here.

As you continue forward, if you fall into a trough, know that you’re still progressing. Smoother roads are just head. Juggle the circumstances of past and future together, but to do this well, stay centered on the present moment.

Happy Traveling through January 2012!


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