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A Flash of Insight

Dear star gazing friends, I would like to conduct an experiment. Would you like to join me? Allow me some background.

Y’all know the story of King Midas and his magic touch. Everything he held turned to gold. You also know the tales of Cupid, and how when his magic arrow pierces your butt, you fall flat on your face madly in love.

The thing in common between these mythologies is touch. Surely, someone wrote of them because they experienced something similar. One day, out of the blue, their fortunes changed as if magically touched by some god.

Well, the other day, I sort of felt the same way. Thursday morning, I seemed to be encased in an aura of love. Not passionate love. Not in love. But something nearer admiration, appreciation, and simply a noticing of beauty. People and things looked more beautiful than before, even those that I see every day.

As I thought about it, I realized that it had started the day before. I had dinner with a friend, and the whole evening was just a bit more pleasant than usual. There was an ease, affection, and playfulness to it. There was a vibe and it touched me.

Being that I’ve been focused on Astrology lately, I thought to myself, Venus must be affecting me today. When I looked it up, lo and behold, Venus was transiting my natal Mars and had started the day before.

The planets were likely named after gods because someone noticed that they have influence over us. Their magical touch or golden arrow penetrate our dominant state and catch our attention. For me, Venus touched my cheek and pointed out to me things I love and find beautiful. She whispered in my ear – Feel that! Isn’t it lovely? And it was!

Venus moves quickly, so transits like that are not long lasting. Two other orbs that move quickly through the Zodiac are the Moon and Mercury. Interestingly, both are about to conjunct other slower moving planets. Both conjunctions will occur tomorrow, Sunday, April 22. First the Moon will conjunct Jupiter at 12:11 pm CDT, and then Mercury will conjunct Uranus at 3:30 pm.

So, on to the experiment…

Jupiter and the moon joining forces ought to expand our emotional awareness. Whatever we feel tomorrow at noon ought to be noticeable. Well, Mercury influences our thinking, and at 3:30 when he joins Uranus exactly, those thoughts ought to be well beyond the norm. They can be revolutionary, inventive, cleaver, and/or inspiring.

So Jupiter is going to pump up your feeling, and Uranus is going to break down limits in your thinking. What do you think could happen if you add in a little intention?

Let’s say there is a problem you’ve been trying to solve for a while or maybe a decision you need to make. In one particular area in you life, you just haven’t known what to do.

Today, Saturday, let’s intend to catch a flash of insight. It can be a bee in our bonnet or a seed that can  grow into a mighty oak. I already know what I hope to find – a flash of light shining on a doorway that I’ve just not seen as clearly as I would like to.

Right now, I’m setting a couple of reminders on my phone – 12:11 and 3:30. Let’s see if they catch me in the middle of a particularly interesting feeling and thought. If they do, I’ll share them with you. And if you catch some inspiration, feel free to share it with me!

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