Poetic Wisdom

Journey with More Joy

This year, I was inclined to evolve the bi-line of my business. The short version of it is now: Journey with More Joy.

This morning I was writing to a friend. Within the email was the word journey. As I was editing, I decided joy was a more appropriate word. And that’s when I saw it.


What is the purpose of a journey?

We often think it’s to get somewhere. I would say getting somewhere is the intention of a journey, but not the purpose of one. We intend to get somewhere (Brazil, let’s say) so we commence a journey of cars, planes, and taxis to get there. But the journey itself changes us in unexpected ways, most especially when we encounter unexpected experiences along the way.

But the universe knows purpose. If time and space are both illusions, then the only reason to pretend they exist is for a purpose.

The other day, I heard this phrase:

Spirit commends you for your choosing, not your choices.

Commending a choice implies judgment. One choice can be better than another. But commending choosing is simply commending action over inaction, adventure over stasis.

Ultimately, not choosing is still choosing, so I guess spirit is always commending us – no matter what. And that feels right to me. That’s my experience of spirit: always commending.

So, at least from this limited perspective, it feels like the purpose of a journey – any journey – is joy. But not just joy conceptually, but joy experientially. Look at this:

JO urne Y

u   r   n   e   JOY

You are in experience – joy

When you are on a journey, you are within an experience of joy – if you choose it.

This implies that joy is moving; it is action. Bliss is probably more of a state of being. A place with no doing, no thinking, and no action. Joy is an expression, an action, a reaction to something held inside.

So I stand by my bi-line: Journey with more joy. Intend to keep going and keep expressing more joy. And if there’s any way I can help, know that that’s why I’m here!


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