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A Fish out of Water

Let’s say you could have a telepathic conversation with a fish. What might that be like?

You: Hey fish! How’s the water today?

Fish: Water? What water?

You: The water you’re swimming in.

Fish: I’m not swimming in water. You’re the one that’s swimming – in that ether stuff.

You: Don’t be silly fish. I put the water in your tank; I know that there is water in there. I can see that you’re swimming in water.

Fish: Silly human. I can see you just as well as you see me, and I am sure that you are swimming in ether. You don’t have gills like the rest of us, so the universe put you in that stuff so you can survive.

You: Fish, someday you’ll learn.

Fish: Human, someday you’ll learn.

But how would you get a fish to learn about water? For that matter, how would you get a human to learn about ether?

One way would be to take it all away for a few minutes. When a fish is out of water, I’m sure he wonders why he can’t swim, why he’s stuck at the bottom, why he can’t breathe, and why he’s… dry (of course he wouldn’t know that word).

So, by analogy, what would it be like for us to be out of the ether? Maybe we would feel dizzy. Maybe we would feel nauseous. Maybe we would feel… alone… disconnected… in a slight bit of panic and without understand why.

And what if ether were actually multi-dimensional, multi-faceted, and highly complex? Turning it off all at once would be one experience, but turning off any single constituent would also be… insightful, educational, experiential – enlightening!

And wouldn’t it be most intriguing to go through a time period when one part and then another and then another was switched off and then on so we could feel and learn about each piece?

Following our thought experiment further, let’s say for a moment that all of this end of the Mayan Calendar hubbub was actually true? In 6 days, it’ll be 6/21/12, which will be exactly 6 months before the big day. What might one expect for this up coming time?

Now put yourself into the shoes of the beings who put the ether in this tank. Now they’re the people and we’re the fish. They’re talking to us telepathically, trying to teach us about the ether they put us in and all we’ve been doing is telling them right back that we have “no scientific evidence” that it actually exists. We tell them to show us, convince us, prove to us, that it’s the way that they claim. What might happen next? Might they remove the ether for a few minutes? Maybe take one part away, and then another? Might that be a way they show us what we’ve been neglecting to notice all of these years that is right in front of our faces?

To some of you, this entire topic might be intriguing, especially if you’ve been working on your clair senses for a while, and you feel that something is amok in paradise. The reason I bring all of this up, is because of a phenomenon that is happening that is a gift that keeps on giving. I keep sharing what I learn, and then encounter some more.

If you’ve watched my video blogs, you know about the eclipses and the recent Venus Transit. You know that the moon is occulting Pluto again and again. Well, I just found out that this summer, the moon will be occulting Jupiter a couple of times, Mercury, and Venus as well. If you’re in the right place at the right time, you will be able to see one of these special sights. I’m not quite sure how common or rare these occultations are, but it is especially intriguing to me that they are all happening in the same time period, this year that we call 2012.

So I tuned in to the idea, and asked why this might be happening, and in response I heard, “a fish out of water”. Occultations are when one object hides another for a brief moment. Maybe it’s just symbolic, maybe there is an actual hiding of vibration during that time, maybe it is something else entirely, but it is happening again and again now, and that fascinates me.

And we are feeling it. I’m not nearly as sensitive to these sorts of things as most intuitive people are, but I’m feeling and in a big way! I already told you about the Doll-zoom I experienced during the eclipse season, which isn’t even over quite yet. [I’m thinking that this next New Moon on Tuesday is the official end – whatever that means.] What intrigues me even more is that after passing through these past six weeks, I am now reading up on them (from the perspective of other Astrologers) and getting descriptions that match my experience to a tee!

So without speculation about ether, 2012, a big shift, or coincidence, there is something happening experientially (or experimentally). The best we can do, in my opinion, is notice, and notice that we are noticing, and then wait and see what comes of it. If we accept that we are merely fish to something greater, and that we may very well be swimming is some substance that we can’t see, and that someday we’ll be pulled out of it and then witness an entire multiverse of something else,  then we just might learn something we don’t yet know…


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