A New Life

Treadmills and showers:  some of my best thinking happens there. It’s something about the combination of the flow and the restriction. In both cases, we’re moving our bodies, but getting nowhere. We are confined to a limited space for a chunk of time. And since we don’t have to think about what we’re doing very much, our minds are free to roam. Add some music and you’ll easily reach new and inspiring thoughts.

Take for example yesterday. After publishing my post, I went to the gym. To start: a warm-up on the treadmill. Something had me setting the iPod to shuffle all tracks (rather than only those in a playlist), and thus songs I don’t normally listen to were coming on.

When I hit the gym after a blog post, I typically review what I wrote. In this case, I was thinking about the astrology I hinted at in the previous post.


Today, 12/12/12, at about 5:00 pm CST, Venus will cross over the North Node of the moon. The New Moon is tomorrow – early. Meanwhile, Mercury continues to complete the last of his retraced journey. On 11/6/12, Mercury stationed at 4 degrees Sagittarius 18 arc minutes and will not reach that spot again until midnight CST at the start of 12/14/12.

Well, as I walked on the treadmill, it suddenly occurred to me why things feel the way they do. Yesterday’s post was all about the up and down journey of manifestation. Life doesn’t progress linearly. At certain times we encounter old stuff and that feels like regression.

Mercury is direct, however not yet in new territory. That means that we are moving forward through old stuff. We’ve made this trek before, that’s why it feels familiar… and old. Have you experienced something that triggered an old wound or struggle? Have you found yourself thinking, “I thought I was done with this a long time ago,” or “Not this again”?

So Mercury goes back and forth multiple times a year, so why did this trip bring up something really old? I think it’s because of Venus. The North Node is a point of future karma. When it’s touched, it is like a window to the future opens. We don’t necessarily get to see through it, but some information leaks back. Future Karma is like a list of prerequisites. So, Venus conjunct the North Node is gathering a list of changes we need to make to then have the experiences of love we desire.

No matter the life situation, I suspect all of us have items on our list. Maybe we want our old partner to surprise us in a new and romantic way. Or maybe we’re hoping for a deeper connection. When we ask the universe for an experience (consciously or unconsciously), it can respond with, “What’s stopping you?” A single person might say, “I don’t have a boyfriend,” or “He’s not my boyfriend yet.” A married person might concede that life gets in the way. “Between work and raising the kids, there’s not enough time in a day,” or “After a number of years, I’ve decided we’ll never get any further than where we are.”

Since we are the creators of our reality, if we’re not experiencing something yet, there’s a reason. That’s what Mercury would say. He is the master of reason. Even if we know the reason, there might be an underlying reason, and then one beneath that. Soon logic (Mercury/Gemini) reaches into philosophy (Sagittarius). Remember, Mercury just got back into Sadge yesterday. He is pushing our thoughts deeper and deeper.

Simultaneously, Venus pulls more and more desire out of the Scorpio North Node. We don’t just want experiences of love; we desire them. Loving from afar is not enough; we want to use our hands and our bodies. That’s what physical life is all about, right – taste, touch, and smell – not just thoughts?

So, for me, the combination resurrected some very old pangs of emotion albeit just for brief moments. Something seemingly innocuous suddenly stung – reminding me of those years in my early twenties. Oh, that’s still in there, I thought to myself.

As if all of this was just my mind entertaining itself, the iPod switches to a different sold. Trudge, trudge, trudge on the treadmill, but wait – this is a song I’ve never heard before!! And then I start to listen to the lyrics:

At night it hits me cold
There’s so much more to life than I’ll ever know
I look around and I realize
It’s time to make a move though you don’t sympathize

How do you get to heaven if you never try?

New life, new love
Where’s the heart I was dreaming of?
I need a new hope, new dream
Another part in a different scene

A new life, it’s so hard to find
A new love, it’s so hard to find

The song is called A New Life, by the Petshop Boys. It is from 1995. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard it before. It’s about leaving something/someone behind in order to begin a new life.

Notice the mix of desire for a new life/love experience and the belief that “it’s so hard to find”. In order for us to have the new life that we desire, we have to let go of the beliefs that are keeping it from us. We need to leave them behind. That’s what Future Karma is all about – the Universe showing us the journey from where we are to where we want to be.

What better day to contemplate all of this than 12/12/12? I know people who have traveled/will travel great distances to be in sacred places on this date and/or 12/21/12. They are celebrating the passing of time from the past into the future. They are calling forth new energy and experience.

Truth is, we don’t needs special dates or locations to do this. The way I see it: desire, intention, and awareness go a long way! How do you get to Heaven if you never try?


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