The moment before 12:00 am 12/12/12

The Universe speaks to us in myriad ways. One way that it speaks to me is via the number 2. Whenever something happens twice in a short period of time, that’s a message to pay attention. Well, twice yesterday, for different reasons, I found myself staring at the chart for just before 12:00 am 12/12/12. This morning, it occurred to me that there is a message there worth sharing.

The chart pictured below shows just before 12/12/12 began, minutes before midnight (my local time).


You may notice that this chart looks a little different. The signs and the houses do not line up. See how the horizontal ascendant runs right through the middle of a sign? That’s because this chart is for a specific time and place, the kind that I use for readings, but not what’s used in group horoscopes. I have labeled the houses by number so you can follow along if you choose.

First up, I want to revisit the Yod as it is most prominent in this chart. (Look at the triangle formed by the two green lines and the blue at the bottom.) Notice that Jupiter (the symbol that looks like a 4) sits directly overhead in the 9th house. What that means is this entire chart is about abundance – not experientially, but philosophically. This chart is to help us learn how to create abundantly. Why do I say create? Because Mars – the part of us that takes action, sits in the 5th house – the house of creating.

So Mars helps us to create and Jupiter is educating us on how to do so abundantly.

Yet, via the Yod, we must consider Saturn in the 2nd house and Pluto in the 4th house. Pluto is working on transformational changes within us. He is working on our foundation. He is deep, deep within shifting, clipping, sewing, and churning away at us. In order for us to create abundance in our lives, something needs to change, and the change first needs to happen on the inside.

Now Saturn in the 2nd house is all about money, but at first you won’t like what he has to say. Saturn is a restrictor (sic). Jupiter likes excess, but Saturn is a minimalist. Saturn eliminates the extra. “Take only what is needed,” he says. Saturn in the 2nd house can reduce income and/or possessions. So how could that help us create abundance?

Well, to learn what is needed, we have to consider the entire chart. True abundance is modeled as a faucet – not a silo. When we fear the future, we store more than we need for today. Taken to an extreme and there’s hoarding. Have you seen that reality show about the doomsday preppers? Have you seen the amount of food and amo they have stored in their cellars?

And yet, we don’t do that with water, do we? Each of us has a tap, not a reservoir. There may be a collective reservoir, but individually, we take what we need. Collective responsibility keeps us from running the tap excessively (and the fact that we pay for the amount of water we use). That’s Saturnian.

In this chart, the entire Yod says this: In order to more effectively create abundance in your life, you must understand the difference between abundance and amassed storage.

A reduction of income and possessions does not necessarily reduce the experience of abundance. In fact, if we are working too hard to earn a specific wage, we might be pinching ourselves off of an abundance of life in favor of amassing wealth & possessions (for the future? which may never come?) or to maintain a style of life that no longer speaks to our heart and soul!

So, as part of a 12/12/12 contemplation, ask yourself what you really need and desire. If you really truly need every dollar that you earn, then that is your truth. However, if it is only fear that keeps you in a life situation (job, profession, marriage, city, closet, etc.) then what’s ahead might challenge you as it beseeches you to consider what’s happening inside of you.

When Saturn sits in the 6th house, that is very much job stuff. But this Saturn aspects the 6th house Chiron, which is itself square Jupiter. To me, this challenges our preconceived beliefs around abundance, service, and work.

There are many healers out there who are not paid for their work in dollars. These are people who love, support, and advise others – regularly – just because they are called upon to do so. Yet, it is possible to have a truly abundant experience of life as well because wealth and income (experienced as Saturn in the 2nd house) need not be the direct result of the healing service. At the same time, or in another interpretation, healing work can produce abundant income – something many healers have a hard time believing.

Capricorny thinking states that we should earn money as a result of our work and service. But that’s old school (well, current school for most of us). That’s not what the Universe says. The Universe knows there are no debts. It doesn’t need to link service and income. In fact notice that Astrology puts them in different houses!

Remember, it is not possible to truly serve another without also severing yourself (and vice versa). So Pluto in Capricorn in the 4th house is here to teach us how to break free from that limiting structure. If you want to work hard for your income, go for it. But if you want a freer experience of life where you serve others joyfully, and in a way that fulfills yourself, and at the same time have all the financial support that you need, well then Pluto is here specifically to help you!

The last part I want to highlight – I think – is Mercury square Neptune and trine to Uranus. Mercury square Neptune is said to make it difficult to reach clarity (in thought). It’s when it’s hard to wrap ones mind around something. In fact, I specifically heard that phrase yesterday (having nothing to do with an astrological discussion).

But isn’t that exactly what’s needed to teach us? Old school logic tells us that work ethic is the way to get ahead. It says, “Work harder to get more”. But frankly, that’s a bunch of bull – isn’t it? Don’t you all agree that you’ve had times in your life when you worked harder and got nothing but pain and exhaustion? Look at the people you admire that make the most money. Look at successful actors, athletes, and musicians. Some of these adored ones make huge amounts of money doing simply what they passionately love.

So, in this chart, Neptune square Mercury makes it hard to think clearly, but Uranus is trine Mercury, which wants to bring in new ideas and inspiration. You must think differently to solve old problems. So, today, you might not know how to create abundance doing what you love, but that’s okay. The combination of Neptune and Chiron in the 6th house says serve intuitively. Do what feels right, not what is said to be right. When you relax limiting constructs that you were taught a long time ago (Neptune square Mercury), you allow new ideas to flow in (Uranus trine Mercury).

The way I see the 3rd house is as those people and ideas we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with. When you and I are shoulder-to-shoulder, we are facing the same direction. We are not partners in the 7th house sense, which is face-to-face. We are like the Gemini twins reaching for the same individual goals – together. Well, the 3rd house contains Venus, the North Node, and Mercury. Artistry & receptivity, Future Karma, and logical thinking are those that we stand with – that are meant to travel with us. Logical thinking is only a part of the journey – it is not the entirety of it.

The majority of this chart is below the horizon. There is much happening beyond what is seen. You can feel these shifts and changes assuredly. Shining overhead is Jupiter – coloring the whole message – guiding us toward a more abundant experience. I say it over and over again, but I’ll say it again: The entire Universe is conspiring to guide us from where we are to where we want to be.


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