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Penultimate Day of 2012


As the final hours of 2012 pass, many of you will continue to review the events of the past 12 months. You’ll think about those things you accomplished, and those things that are yet to be experienced. As you look back, you will also look forward.

Often, we measure accomplishment via Mars or Saturn. We look at what was done and what was built. Some will also consider the moon and remember what was felt.

Being that the sun has joined Pluto on this penultimate day of the year, I have a suggestion. As you look back over the last twelve months, think about how they transformed you! Look at the person you are today, and compare that to the person you were a year ago.

If 2012 was only one thing, it was transformative. As a 5 year, it certainly took us by surprise in a number of ways. It moved us. In fact, it literally moved many of us. We may not be where we wanted to be, or where we expected to be, but surely we are not in the same place either.

Pluto transformations often come with scars and/or calluses – reminders on our skin of those struggles we survived and surpassed.

Today, the Sun conjuncts Pluto (exact hours ago). It also sextiles Saturn (in a few hours). At the same time, the moon (in Leo – the sun’s rulership) exactly opposed Mars. In my opinion, the emotions of 2012 were far more significant than the actions of 2012. I see 2013 as more the year for action and solution.

In the last week, the sun aspected Uranus, Chiron, and Jupiter. Add a couple of days more and put Neptune on the list. It’s like the sun got together with each of his outer planets to compile the full list of what 2012 was.

The sun is now moving away from Pluto and although it is winter for most of us, the days are getting longer. Celebrate the transition of 2012 to 2013 and celebration the transformation within. You’ve come a long way baby, but the journey is only just beginning!


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