Thinking Forward

This morning, WordPress sent me a synopsis of the year. Turns out, my horoscope post on 10/6/2012 called A Rose Among Thorns was one of the most popular.

This morning, when I opened up Planet Watcher, I found Mercury sitting on an Aries Point – specifically 0’0″ Capricorn. The Aries Points mark the start of each Cardinal sign. When the sun reaches these degrees, it is the start of a new season. On 12/21/2012, the sun crossed over this exact point marking the winter/summer solstice.

With Mercury there, we are now ready to start Thinking Forward. How interesting because 1/1/2013 has already started making its way around the globe.

Astrological events are precise. Mercury hit 0 degrees Capricorn at the same instant for the whole planet (8:02 am in my timezone: CST). This is unlike the way we track the beginning of 2013 one timezone after the next. To me, Mercury on the Aries Point marks the true start of the new year for us collectively.

Yesterday, I said that I felt 2013 was going to be more a year for action. That was an intuitive statement rather than based on anything astrological. Well, Mercury hitting the Aries Point as the year begins gives additional clues. Capricorn is the sign of building: constructing from the ground up. Mercury at 0 degrees Capricorn is thinking forward into the process. It is constructing a plan to then build from. I’m sure 2013 will not let us simply follow the plan verbatim, because life never does, yet building a plan first is still useful. If nothing else, it gets us thinking through the steps. It helps us visualize a way to our goals.

So, this morning, before ironing your fancy shirt for tonight’s New Year’s celebration, spend a bit of time thinking through a plan. Just let it flow in whatever way it comes. It doesn’t even have to be in order. Just follow your thoughts as you contemplate what needs to happen in order for you to have something you desire.

Often, we think things like this: “Before I can do that, this other thing needs to happen.” Fine. Allow that thought, but then move on to the next. What you might find are things you can do in advance. “Oh, I can take care of that at any time,” so put it on your mental list as something to do sooner than later.

An item on the top of my list is to post another horoscope for all 12 signs, even if it takes me a few days to complete it. I am thinking I’ll have time this week to get it started once the holiday is over.

It always feels good to let go of one year and anticipate the next. Partying through the transition doesn’t hurt either. Have fun whatever you do, and I’ll be writing to you in 2013!


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