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2013 / 6

In numerology, year 2013 is said to be a Universal Year of 6 because 2+0+1+3 adds to 6. Six is one of the three magical single digit numbers. One way to understand the meaning of six is to compare it to its predecessors.

1, 2, 3, and 4 are the basic counting numbers. They are building blocks. Capricorn – the builder, likes these numbers. A typical Capricorn strives for the number four, which represents stability. Although Capricorn likes to build, he also likes his efforts to result in something functional. As a cardinal sign, he likes to start, and often starting something new requires finishing something old. [Capricorn is an appropriate sign to start our year.]

Five is our first departure from linear growth. Five often brings unexpected issues or events. Five is unpredictable. 2012 was a Universal Year of 5. To me, it was very much so. 2012 has seemingly plopped us into a puddle of mud. Late in 2011, we were hopeful of what 2012 would bring, and now, in looking back, it was nothing that we expected. There was more loss than gain for many of us. It was a greater struggle than we thought we were signing up for. I think many are glad that it’s over.

At six, we can now regain the advantage. Five knocked us off the horse, and with six, we get back on. However, we now know a few tricks to stay on longer. We are still novice, but know just enough to enjoy the ride. And the fact that we’re still learning keeps it that much more interesting.

2013, as a six, is a rebuilding year. It is another stab at perfection. Rather than thinking of 2013 as a year to fix things, let’s think of it as a year to improve things. 2012 didn’t really break anything. It simply revealed a bunch of things that were not working very well. Some of what it showed is actually working quite poorly. That was its purpose, and the purpose of any five.

The 6th house is ruled by Virgo – mutable earth. Virgo is the redoer, the redesigner, the healer. Capricorn likes to build from scratch, and Virgo likes to start with something and make it better.

Six is the first number that is a product of two different numbers: 2 and 3. Six is reminiscent of three because there is creation within it. The three is the creative part. The two is the tricky part. Two encompasses duality and thus opposites. On the one hand, six creates harmony, but on the other hand, it is an incomplete improvement. Improvement is an ongoing process. In theory, one can improve anything indefinitely. Knowing what doesn’t work well aids the process.

Capricorn, like any cardinal sign, likes to keep busy. A six is therefore endlessly entertaining – or frustrating – depending on your state of mind and adventure.

2012 was difficult. It was challenging. At it’s worst it was painful and made me want to give up. In the end, I gave in. Fives are painful when we resist the change they bring about, when we’re stubborn and insist on proceeding straight ahead despite the sign to detour.

I’m sure 2013 is going to surprise us plenty, and this time, I’m more open to suggestion.


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