Last Full Moon of 2012

Getting started is often a tough thing to do. Starting a book, a blog post, a lawn mower, a Monday morning, a new diet and/or exercise routine – these are all examples.

Today is 12/28 and although we are still within the end of our calendar year, this is the start of a grand era – or so we’re told. We all now agree that 12/21 was not the end of the world, but it is still considered the end of an era. Some expected a golden age to simply appear – and too bad it did not – but that doesn’t mean this isn’t the beginning of something.

Today is one week into winter (or summer) and one week after 12/21. It is also the first chart I have really had a chance to study since looking at the 12/21 chart. I am still in awe at how significant this one is even after all of the others. The universe really is guiding me in some strange way.

The chart shown below is not the exact moment of the full moon, but is only 5 minutes from it. However, I was led to this one and will go with it. It illustrates 4:25 am here in Austin.

Full Moon in Cancer
Full Moon in Cancer

Right off the bat, we see one special formation after another – even with orb reduced to 5 degrees. We have the full moon, which is a sun-moon opposition. At the same time, the sun and Pluto are within 2 degrees of an exact conjunction. Note that the moon is in her ruling sign of Cancer balancing the aggressive energy of Pluto. This also puts the moon into a T-Square (the red right triangle) because in aspecting Pluto, she also aspects Uranus.

Although the moon is activating the Pluto-Uranus Square it is also balancing it. It is adding water; it is expressing emotion. In fact, what I am getting is that it is reflecting back to the 12/14 event of two weeks ago, which is when the moon last conjuncted Pluto.

On 12/14, we definitely experienced a Pluto event. It was painful, aggressive, beyond our control, and affected us very deeply. The changes it ultimately brings about will not be fully understood until years from now when we look back. In the same way that we now say 9/11/2001 changed everything in certain ways, we might look back at 12/14/2012 in the same way. All of this is Plutonian.

But now, with the Cancer full moon opposite Pluto, the universe is highlighting the emotional expression that resulted. And, in following the blue lines, we see what comes with it. The full moon not only forms a Grand Trine in water, it also forms a kite. The Grand Trine includes Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces. Chiron is about healing, but in this chart, it sits directly on the IC. Here, Chiron not only represents healing from 12/14, but healing well beyond merely what happened on that day.

Planets recently aspecting Pluto (Mars, moon, Uranus, Saturn, etc) brought on a painful event that induced deep emotional expression, but also initiated a longer cycle of foundational healing – healing that is from the inside out, healing that is so internal, not even an MRI can see it. If we do not heal our glorification of war, we will never stop the wounds that result repeatedly.

The third corner of the Grand Trine is Saturn – in the karma house. Saturn is here to help us (re)build. Again, as it is in Scorpio, this is foundational work. This is karmic. This is unseen. We have to take responsibility for our karma (12th house) before we can take responsibility for our self (1st house) before we can take responsibility for our possessions (2nd house). So that is how this new era is starting – as far as Saturn is concerned.

The Grand Trine in water links the above to this full moon and the sun nearing Pluto, which brings conscious awareness to the process at hand, rounds out the kite. The sun is ahead of Mercury, which means we are being made aware of the process in advance of our understanding it. Boy is that the case.

Pluto in Capricorn (a long cycle) is here to transform our physical world. In order for us to create a better age than we have, we have to accept and take responsibility for the one we already created. The Mars-Pluto conjunction on 11/27 reflected back to us the war aspects that we continue to create. You may tell me that what happened on 12/14 was not a product of war, but I disagree. The weapon used was a gun designed for war, not a gun designed for hunting animals for food or protecting oneself from varmints. If we were not so focused on war to begin with, we never would have created such killing machines. Possessing such weapons is only the tail end of the manifestation. We need to stop creating weapons of mass destruction to begin with. We need to stop glorifying war and killing. We need to stop entertaining ourselves with these fantasies or we will simply continue to create fantastic examples of them in real life.

[Remember, the Universe will create what you choose – but the choice is yours.]

Let’s look again at the astrology here. Pluto is linked to Saturn. The combination is a clear sign that we need to take responsibility for our creations. We glamorize war. All of the big money-making movies are simply about good versus evil and are filled with killing – by guns or other weapons of war. The animated movies coming out feature this same meme over and over again. And look at all of the video games out there. Even the Angry Birds are all about killing (those poor innocent pigs) – and that’s what the 5-year-olds play!

Moon in Cancer represents emoting beyond control. It is when you can’t hold back the tears. On this day, we are looking back at two weeks ago – and the time since.

A young person learns from pain. Touch a hot stove and learn about heat, burning, and pain. But also learn about healing – the cycle that follows the burn.

The astrology of this chart shows how the heat, the burn, the pain, are all linked, as well as the healing and transformation that follows.

Here are some additional intriguing aspects of this chart. As mentioned, the moon is in Cancer, which it rules. Neptune is in Pisces, which it rules. Now notice that Pluto and Saturn are in Mutual Reception since they occupy the sign the other rules. They are also sextile. Mars and Uranus are also in Mutual Reception and also sextile. And lastly, Mercury and Jupiter are in Mutual Reception and were recently in opposition (on 12/17). If you add that up, that means that 8 planets are in rulership – either directly or via Mutual Reception. That’s huge! This chart may not be an alignment, but it certainly hints at profound circumstances.

The last piece of the puzzle is the Node of the Moon directly on the Ascendant. It is just above the horizon in the Karma house. Just as the moment of sunrise catches our attention and tells us the day is beginning, the karmic happenings of the present are catching our attention and showing us what our future is made of. Nothing seems to start very easily. An era is a long, long time. The start of this next one is going to take years and years. And there’s work to be done.

Jupiter forms a Yod with Saturn and Pluto. It is highlighting our karmic responsibility for the reality we created (from our past) that we now live in. That reality has caused some obvious pain, and continues to. If we do not focus on deep healing, we cannot build a new age that will be any different than what we have. The grand trine sits on top of Chiron – Chiron is the corner stone. Without that stone, the whole building collapses…


1 thought on “Last Full Moon of 2012”

  1. This is the first full moon of the new 26,000 year precession, like a link in a chain not the last not the first,another tooth in wheel of the illusion.The illusion of pain, fear,time money and Death.
    Happy new year to you David


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