A Dynamic Duo

Have you ever had a three-way? Have you ever wanted to? Well hold that thought. 😉

OK, are you back? Now that I have your attention again (after your mind wandered for a moment), the kind of three-way I’m about to discuss is not quite what you were thinking. Yes, a dynamic duo is in the process of sweeping you off your feet, but it’s not the sexy pair you just thought about.

Many people are bracing for the imminent Mercury Retrograde, which starts in less than 2 days. If you are one that frets, follows, discusses, or even contemplates Mercury Retrograde, you owe it to yourself to read this article.

First, I am one who believes that every retrograde period has its purpose a la Perfection of the Universe. This means that it not only has something to show us, but something of value that will help guide us from where we are to where we want to be.

Second, this year one cannot (in my opinion) consider Mercury Retrograde without also factoring in Saturn. I’ve been doing some research and am convinced that these two are intrinsically linked in 2013 and are about to take you places you may or may not be ready for. Just like that brief fantasy you entertained at the start of this blog, get excited or get nervous, but in any event, get prepared!

So, why do I think Mercury and Saturn are working together this year? To answer that, I have to drag you through a bit of astrological math. Don’t worry, I’ve done all of the calculations, I’m just going to report the results.

Mercury has three retrograde periods in 2013 (bracketed in red below). Each lasts between 21 and 24 days and occurs in one of the three water signs (Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio).

Saturn has one retrograde period in Scorpio, and lasts nearly 140 days (bracketed in pink below).

I have illustrated these cycles in the following chart:

Mercury & Saturn in 2013

Now, note the following:

  • In February, Saturn begins retrograde 4 days before Mercury does.
  • In June/July, Saturn ends retrograde while Mercury is in his second one.
  • In Feb/Mar, Mercury Trines Saturn 3 times just before, during, and after his first Retrograde.
  • In June, they Trine again just before Mercury goes retrograde a second time.
  • In Oct/Nov, Mercury and Saturn conjunct three times, before, during, and after Mercury’s third retrograde.
  • The third Trine between Mercury and Saturn on March, 27 is at 10 degrees 22 arc-minutes Pisces-Scorpio. The first conjunction between them on October 8 is at 10 degrees 52 arc-minutes Scorpio.
  • Trines and Conjunctions are very similar aspects and entail the harmonious blending of energies. Near each of the three Mercury Retrograde periods, Mercury Trines or conjuncts Saturn. And the single Saturn Retrograde starts near one Trine (and Mercury Retrograde) and ends near another Trine (and Mercury Retrograde).

All that being said, I cannot separate the retrograde cycle of one and the other. I think if you are going to understand what these cycles are about in 2013, you have to consider them together.

A few posts ago [Tennis Anyone?], I discussed the connection between the Venus transit (and Venus Retrograde) and the Jupiter Retrograde, both of which occurred in Gemini. Last June, there was a lot of talk about the Venus Retrograde bringing old lovers back into your life. For me, none of that happened. However, Saturn has just started his long retrograde (and Mercury has not yet begun his), and already three from my past have popped back in. By another measure, one could say that four have.

After looking at my charts and doing a few Tarot readings, I now understand why these four have showed up and what I have to work on next. I’ll spare you the details, but rest assured – these are nothing less then breakthroughs for me!

Since we are all unique, the best I can do in this format is discuss this generically, considering only the signs and corresponding houses involve for all, namely: Scorpio/8th house, Cancer/4th house, and Pisces/12th house.

Furthermore, consider the following observations:

  • A significant number of my friends and peers have lost a parent recently. Death is 8th house/Scorpio. Parents are 4th house (Cancer) and 10th house (Saturn).
  • One friend is grieving a breakup (8th house).
  • People from my past are showing back up (retrograde).

The experience of a parent dying or a lover leaving can feel similar. In both cases, there is abandonment and the grieving of loss (8th house and 4th house). What happens when there’s karma (12th house) added in? We can have accumulated loss and grief that burdens us greatly.

The sign of Scorpio is all about feeling things deeply. However, those of us who have been hurt severely and/or repeatedly in the past may have some work to do. And by past, I include all possibilities (i.e. recent, childhood, and past life). Healing, grieving, processing, and getting beyond pain, panic, and anxiety all come to mind. Coping mechanisms and/or errant beliefs may be preventing us from reaching (manifesting) our desired experiences. The fear of loss is so great we are immobilized.

The 4th house is all about foundation and nurturing. It is the house of mother (or whichever parent was most nurturing). But what happens if we did not receive enough nurturing in the past? Isn’t it possible that our foundation is faulty and/or inadequate? And what if we wish to enter into a deeply intimate and sexual relationship (8th house)? Is it possible to do that if our foundation (4th house) is weak? [8th house is also about marriage and mergers, namely when money is involved. For some, that may be the perceived vulnerability that is being exposed.]

Some who have experienced intense pain and/or loss develop walls of protection. Consider that Cancer, a very emotionally expressive sign, is pictured as a crab, a creature that protects itself via a shell. So if Cancer is unbalanced and taken to an extreme, we can have one who is hysterical in their feeling and expressing of pain, or we can have one who is so shut down and disconnected, they are numb and apathetic. We can also have some who hide away from all perceived sources of pain and literally confine themselves to their homes.

Pisces too have the tendency to retreat when faced with a perceived threat; they just don’t use a hard shell. Instead, they may escape into an alternate consciousness (intoxication for example).

And Scorpio, which has the greatest capacity for depth of feeling, can become ice cold, mean, and bitter if overwhelmed by past hurt and pain.

For me personally, a single song captures the essence of what these retrograde cycles are here to help heal. The song is called Happy to Be Cold by Bomb the Bass. Consider the lyrics below. [I encourage you to read these carefully. I am amazed how such few words can capture and convey so much.]

Tears have flowed
‘Til they’re dry
Can’t come down
Though you try

See them leave
No return
This repeats
You don’t learn

All you are
Is who you’re with
Now he’s gone
No one’s here

You’ve endured
Did your best
Never leave
Always left

I don’t feel a thing
Just what you are, your life goes in
So happy to be cold
Happy to be cold

I don’t feel a thing
Spectator to the suffering
So happy to be cold
Happy to be cold

The 8th house, in many respects, is an extension of the 7th house. In the 7th house, we begin relating to a partner and/or lover. As that relationship advances into intimacy, we shift to the 8th house. Intimacy implies a deep connection and can easily lead to strong attachment. Therefore, any form of loss is met with pain, suffering, and grief.

8th house dynamics that might come up to challenge us will always look like the fault of others: what someone does or doesn’t do. It will look like their issues, but cause us pain. The 8th house is opposite our 2nd house, so what another does may conflict with our values, ethics, and morals.

Someone dying, someone leaving us, someone betraying us, someone stealing from us are all triggers to be considered.

It is time to come out of the cold. It is time to unburden ourselves. Our grandest desires involve deep intimate connection to people, places, and things we love. Our greatest pain comes from attachment. Those walls of protection we’ve built over the years are now our greatest obstacles.

You are free to stay where you are as long as you like, but if you desire a greater experience of life, the time is ripe and the Universe is ready to guide you.


7 thoughts on “A Dynamic Duo”

  1. Great stuff for contemplation and action David!
    If the old dog does not come out of the doghouse to play…he may not experience the warm sun, the soaking rain, the howling wind or the company of others to be joyful with.
    Thank you for sharing,
    John M.


  2. Great work! I am now a fan.

    I stumbled across this blog because I just downloaded Google Sky Map for my Android phone, and I noticed Mercury and Saturn are quite close to each other in the night sky. I wanted to know the dates they would conjunct. You gave Oct. 8 as the first. Would you happen to know the dates of the other two?


    1. On October 29th, retrograde Mercury will conjunct Saturn the second time. Then the final conjunction for this year will be on November 25th. (By the end of November, Saturn and Mercury will be visible in the morning sky rather than the evening sky.


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