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Dear Stargazers –

I only have a limited amount of time to blog write today, so I’m going to keep this short. But I do have a few astrological tidbits for you to think about.

As of early this morning, Mercury whizzed past the back side of the sun. That means that astrologically speaking, Mercury is now behind the sun (and thus a morning star). This is when the real fun begins in the Mercury Retrograde cycle. This is when Mercury is most productive in helping you work on past and unfinished business. In fact, I am about to dive into all sorts of that myself just as soon as I post this.

Remember, if you’re  concerned about Mercury retrograde and you do not consider how it affects you individually, you’re fretting aimlessly. Mercury retrograde is actually very productive, you simply have to follow his lead.

Next up is simply a sync wink from the Universe. I started writing this post at 11:22 CDT. At that precise moment, Saturn was at 11 degrees 22 arc minutes Scorpio. It also aspects Pluto at 11 degrees Capricorn, and the moon at 11 degrees Sagittarius. Meanwhile, Jupiter at 8 degrees 8 arc minutes Gemini is square to Venus at 8 degrees 18 arc minutes Pisces.

The numbers for the day:


This is a very productive sequence to meditate on…


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