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11, 11, 11, 11

Retrograde periods take us back. It is simply human nature that resists. When you consider the motions in the universe, you find them to be circular and cyclical, not linear.

In my youth, and in my adulthood, if I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times, “Do it right the first time.” But what say you is right? Even if I did it well the first time, there’s always a better way. And often, it is only through doing it a first time that we find out.

The Universe has been whispering in my ear lately:

There are no either-or decisions. You cannot take both paths to determine which one is better. And in either case, you are the one that goes.

Mercury and Saturn are indeed taking me back. It is time to begin anew. The year 2013 is a personal year of 1 for me and I’m beginning to see how that is true.

Those of you who are new to my blog missed the months that I wrote primarily about the numbers. But I have not forgotten. That journey taught me much and it stays with me. So how could I not notice a day like today?


Yesterday, there were signs as well. I caught the clock at

11:33, and

And it was not lost on me that it was only the odd combinations.

1 = begin (anew)
3 = create
5 = change

Looking to the stars, we have:

Intellect and Creativity (Mercury and Venus)
connecting with
Transformation and Structure (Pluto and Saturn)

Pluto is the apex of the triangle and thus Transformation is the theme. Mercury (retrograde) is rewriting and Saturn (retrograde) is restructuring.

I cannot say it enough: retrogrades are nothing less than gifts from God. The road to fulfillment is not a straight line.

Tolerate retrograde if you must.
Embrace retrograde if you can.
Yet, if you open your heart, and open your hands,

and go back to where you are led,

you will find everything your heart has desired!


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