7 Planets in Pisces

Early this morning CST (just before we switched to Daylight Saving) the moon entered the sign of Pisces. Thus began two full days with SEVEN planets floating in the sea. In fitting with the vibe, a formidable thunderstorm and downpour rolled through Austin. When I looked at the radar, the band of red started here and went all the way to Chicago!

Here’s the complete list for your consideration:

  1. Moon,
  2. Neptune,
  3. Mercury,
  4. Chiron,
  5. Venus,
  6. Sun,
  7. Mars

[I only track the regular planets plus Chiron – so other astrologers might come up with a different count.]

Also of interest is that when the moon leaves Pisces on Tuesday, 3/12/2013, it immediately conjuncts Mars  at 0 degree Aries 10 arc-minutes (at 6:40 am CDT). Mars will have entered his ruling sign only hours earlier (at 1:25 am CDT). Out of the hot tub and into the fire, I say.

The month of Pisces started off feeling… underwater. By the time the sun entered the pool, there was already a party going on. However, things are quickly heating up, so by the time the sun transitions into Aries, you’ll already be sporting a tan!

In fitting with that theme, the sun is shining bright today. The rains have cleaned and cleared the air in the same way all of these planets in Pisces are cleaning and clearing karma. If the past few weeks have been good for you, then you’re ahead of the curve. If you’ve had a spill or a fall, a bang or a bruise, just know you’re releasing crap you no longer need.

By my reckoning, we might as well consider Wednesday the first day of Spring cause it’ll sure feel that way. Good for us; Winter’s a week short this year!

If you’re shoes are a little worn, you might want to invest in a new pair cause you’ll be running like a cheetah soon enough…


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