Painful Gifts

Today is April 19th within the final hours of Aries. As an astrological month, this has been one of my toughest. However, today I feel happy in a way I have not since Mercury stationed on March 17th.

A couple of days ago, Jupiter crossed the cusp of my 11th house. Over the weekend, retrograde Saturn will cross my IC (the cusp of the 4th house). Venus is in her ruling sign of Taurus and will soon return in my Natal chart. And over the past few days, the moon moved through her ruling sign of Cancer, where three of my progressed planets reside.

All of the above had gifts to bestow and I can credit each of them specifically. Saturn’s gift was a painful one. For the first time in my current career, I was publicly criticized. Criticize is probably not the best word because the comment was mean-spirited rather than constructive in any way.

Nevertheless, the Perfection of the Universe has taught me much and this time it only took me a few days to see the gift. In fact, this painful “lesson” proved to be the source of my greatest joy this week! The readings I have done on this occurrence have been the clearest readings I’ve done for myself throughout this time. I not only feel completed connected and supported by spirit right now, I also see why this gift is so special and timely. I can honestly say that I am grateful for how it has helped me.

And a new phase of growth and learning begins. Jupiter in the 11th and Saturn in the 3rd have a plan for me. The 11th house, for one, is the house of peers, acquaintances, and associates. The 3rd is the house of siblings and in my opinion includes brothers and sisters in spirit. One thing I am learning already is to not confuse those people who are 11th house relationships with those that are 3rd. If you do, you could be letting a fox into the hen house – and that does not result in something pretty.

I keep hinting at news just over the horizon. Well, it’s still pre-dawn here. The past month was pretty much a month off from progress (at least outwardly) so it is still not time. Maybe by my next lunar return I’ll be ready to share.

As much as this week has brought pain and suffering to many, don’t forget to check in to the other side of things. Love and support are still present. Dark nights of the soul are painful, but do come bearing gifts and some of the most profound.

It’s not the way it has to be, nor the way it’s supposed to be, but there is perfection within it nonetheless.


1 thought on “Painful Gifts”

  1. Surely all of the good comments and the way that all of the rest of us hold you and your blog in the highest regard, cancels mean spirited comments
    Keep up the good work because many of us trust and love you and your incredible insight for all of us
    Thaddeus (Teddy)


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