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Invocation of Spring

There are times in life when the greatest service a person can give is to promote others within theirs. It is clear to me today that this is where I am. My own service is evolving. It is rounding a corner. It is early spring and seeds planted long ago are nearly breaking ground. But for the man I am about to introduce you to, he is well within his time; he is seasoned, he is experienced, and I so resonate with his work. I admire this man and would be honored to meet him face to face some day.

As you know, I have been focused more specifically on Astrology for about a year and a half. It simply grew out of my earlier focus on the Tarot and then Numerology. I have been dabbling, playing, and intuitively researching. And it has been a fruitful endeavor.

Keep in mind that there are as many Astrological perspectives as there are Astrologers. I do not recommend just any one. However, this man is one I trust. This man is one I have learned a great deal from. This man is not like any of the others that I’ve encountered.

Please, allow me to introduce Eric Francis: a Journalist and an Astrologer. Eric’s company is called Planet Waves. An off shoot of that is Planet Waves FM. You can find them here:

At Planet Waves, you will find free Astrology articles daily. You will find intermittent Tarot readings as well. Jump on over and take a look. Give it a few weeks and peruse. Take some time to get a feel for it because it’s not the same day in and day out.

Weekly (usually on Tuesdays), Eric produces a pod cast, which he also shares for free. You can find it at both locations above. Today’s pod cast will likely be posted soon – so give it a listen. THIS IS A REQUIREMENT! Ha ha.

[Wednesday morning update: Here is the link to Eric’s most recent pod cast:]

Eric’s voice is amazing, and I mean that in more than one way. Yes, the tonal quality of his voice is wonderful. He is pleasant to listen to. However, they way he speaks, and the subjects he speaks of, are equally as amazing. He is comfortable at the mic. His delivery is casual – like a phone conversation – yet professional and elegant in his use of language. He is an intuitive Astrologer, and feels as much as he thinks, if not more so. This is yet another reason I am so drawn to him and his work.

If his latest pod cast is available by the time I post this, I will share the link. If not, go to either of the above later today or tomorrow (Wednesday 4/24/2013) and you will likely find it. If not, you’ll get last week’s edition, which was quite intriguing.

The last piece of Eric’s work I would like to specifically promote here is his

Invocation of Spring: Readings for All the Signs

Which you can purchase through the following link:

I recently purchased this report myself and have so far listened to the introduction, my sun sign, and my rising sign. You get all 12 signs for the price of one.

I am one who looks at and studies my chart often, and yet I still learned quite a bit from Eric’s reading. And I can assure you, I resonated with the information both personally and conceptually. What I mean by this is that as a Gemini with Leo rising, I resonate with what he says about my plight, and as an intuitive, I resonate with his larger perspective, which bleeds through everything that he does.

Go check out Eric Francis and his team at Planet Waves. If inclined, buy one of his audio reports (keeping in mind that the one above will go up in price next Monday 4/29/2013). Listen to his pod casts, and read up on his perspective.

Oh, and if you like music, you’re in for a treat because Eric is very fond of music and promotes musicians and plays a couple of songs within his pod casts.

And even though we are already one month into spring, his information is still relevant because it looks beyond just these three months. Enjoy and let me know what you think!


1 thought on “Invocation of Spring”

  1. Hey David, Thanks…will check it out. My lightworkers support group leader, a quadruple pisces, broke down crying tonight sharing recent horrible times and suicidal thoughts.
    I lead a healing prayer for her at the end and did not take it home as you suggested. Another gent fired last week expressed suicidal thoughts as well. You never know when you will be needed eh? Didn’t realize this Aries past has been such a bear.
    John M


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