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Money vs. Currency

Venus in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn: Money vs. Currency

Looking up the word ‘money’ in Wikipedia, we find the following reference:

In the past, money was generally considered to have the following four main functions, which are summed up in a rhyme found in older economics textbooks: “Money is a matter of functions four, a medium, a measure, a standard, a store.” That is, money functions as a medium of exchange, a unit of account, a standard of deferred payment, and a store of value.

For this discussion, I will use the word ‘money’ specifically to represent the last function listed above: a store of value. I will use the word ‘currency’ specifically to represent the first: a medium of exchange. By doing this, I am then able to relate ‘money’ with Venus in Taurus and ‘currency’ with (Pluto in) Capricorn.

In traditional Astrology, Venus relates to money and value. Taurus relates to ownership (and thus wealth). The second house, ruled and related to both of the above, accumulates these items: values, wealth, and money.

In my mind, currency is very different. It is more about exchange. [The word is literally about movement and related to electric current and the flow of water.] Currency is not so much about the intrinsic value of money, but rather the money system and structure created so that people can exchange items of value.

Taurus and Capricorn are both earth signs, but in Taurus we are focused on what we have and with Capricorn, we are focused on what we build. Taurus saves (accumulates, collects) and Capricorn spends (uses).

Consider the old days. I may have had chickens and you may have had cows. You produced milk and cheese and I harvested eggs. For a complete breakfast, we each want both. Thus I would give you eggs in exchange for milk and butter. Now we’re both happy.

But what if you need eggs and I don’t need milk? That’s where currencies come in to play. A currency system enables us to exchange at will. You can give me something for my eggs, and then I can use that something to pay someone else for something I want from them. Eventually, someone will come to you for milk and butter and give you back the currency you first paid to me. The cycle is complete.

For a currency to be effective, it ought to have intrinsic value itself. There was a time when Gold and Silver were the primary currencies because their value was universal. Gold and Silver are ‘precious metals’, which means they are precious and valuable in and of themselves. As proof, notice that they are used beyond a mere medium of exchange. People make jewelry out of the metals for one.

Paper currency is really simply a medium of exchange. I cannot eat the paper. I can’t build with it. I can’t easily write on it. It would make for ugly wall covering. It is meant for payment and nothing more. The only way paper currency becomes money is when everyone agrees on its value.

But notice that not everyone agrees. They never have. $100 dollars means different things to different people. I’ve been to countries where they would not touch the $100 dollar bill, simply because in their mind, it was too easy to counterfeit. Their value and my value of that piece of paper did not agree and in that case, it failed to serve as a medium of exchange. Similarly, one US Dollar does not equal the same amount of Euro every day or minute. This exchange rate changes as the perceived value changes.

So, now onto some Astrology. Yesterday morning Venus in Taurus made an exact trine to Pluto in Capricorn (at 11 degrees and 33 arc minutes). Venus is specifically value. Taurus is ownership. So Venus in Taurus can be about wealth because it is when a person owns something of value.

Pluto is about evolution and transformation. Capricorn is about systems, specifically (in my mind) about building systems (Cardinal Earth). So banks, businesses, govenments, stores, and companies all fall into this category – systems built by man to serve a purpose.

Pluto, at times, can be associated with a destroyer – a harsher form of transformation akin to a volcanic eruption or earthquake. In this way, it creates a need to rebuild (and the hope is that we’ll build something better).

And let’s not forget Uranus in Aries, which will exactly square Pluto in Capricorn again on May 20th. [And consider that by then, Venus will be in Gemini, which is more concerned with ideas than possessions.]

So, what could it look like when you bring all of this together? Well, have you heard of BitCoin?

BitCoin is a medium of exchange. It is a currency. It is purely virtual. There are no physical coins that are BitCoins. They are created by computer programs and stored as computer data. You may think that no one in their right mind would ever pay real money for a virtual coin, but you would be wrong. Today, a single BitCoin costs more than $150 US! They are being exchanged all over the world every minute.

In my mind, BitCoin (BTC) is specifically the offspring of Pluto in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries. Individuals can create BTC, they simply need a computer, a specific program, electricity, and time. The idea of BTC is unusual and ingenious (in my opinion). It feels very Aquarian (and Uranus rules Aquarius in the modern system).

There is a potential for BTC to transform our common and overlapping money systems. And if BTC becomes universally accepted, it will take the power out of the hands of banks and governments and put it into the hands of smaller companies and individuals. I won’t go into details here, but if you investigate the ramifications of BTC (or similar currencies) you’ll understand why I say this.

So, you may ask why I (or anyone) would think that BTC could work. First, let me remind you that we already operate with digital currencies. Yes, there is physical forms of USD (e.g., bills and coins), but the vast majority of dollars earned and spent are never touched by human hands. People pay me through checks, credit cards, and PayPal transfers. And I pay my bills online through clicks and numerical digits typed into little fields. Consider right now how much money you actually have in your possession (and by money, I mean only the physical forms). I bet most of you have less than $1000 worth of coins and bills in your home, car, and wallet.

So, the acceptance of digital currencies has already happened! So why switch? Why take the risk to move from USD to BTC? Well, that’s the road ahead. I have ideas of what that road looks like, but it’s vague. If you do a little research, you can see what has happened (even just this year) and then extrapolate forward.

But I am not here to talk too much about BTC other than to use it as an example of what the Pluto-Uranus Square is here to do. The outer planets, in my opinion, are here to help guide us along in our own evolution and growth, both individually and collectively. This is multi-tiered and multi-dimensional. We came here in part to grow. Experience and creativity are means of growth. When we are doing well, the outer planets bring obvious gifts. When we are not doing as well, their gifts seem painful. Remember that pain is a reaction to stimulation. We judge pain as bad, but that doesn’t mean it is intrinsically bad.

The role of value (Venus, Taurus, and the 2nd house) is key. Economic down turns are important. Without them, we would never review and evaluate our own values. If you have infinite money, you will spend it on a whim. But if you have a limited supply, you will choose. Choosing requires introspection. It is when we exhibit our values outward.

Every one of us has values, however many of us do not operate within our own value system – at least not at all times. I have seen so called spiritual teaches berate people in ways that were not intentionally productive. In fact, this past month, I’ve seen the Mars in Aries energy used more to harm than to help.

Evolution pushes us out of our comfort zone. Revolution catapults us out of it. Regardless what comes in the days, months, and years ahead, keep an ear and an eye forever and always on your own value system. Operate from that value system as much as you can. And when your fear causes you to place your values aside, do your best to see the experience for what it is (a learning exercise for everyone involved) and then consciously return to your own values.

And your values will change with time – do change with time.

Notice that I say YOUR value system. It is only your OWN value system that will make you feel good about yourself. It may be safer to operate within an external system, but it will not comfort you in the long run.

Laws are created out of fear. Blindly following the heard is safe, but not rewarding. Only you can choose how best to live your life. And if love and forgiveness are among your values (for example), apply them to yourself as much as possible.

Our individual and collective value systems are changing. Evolution is working on them, but so is revolution. Venus will move quickly from one house to the next emabling you to examine and refine your values in all contexts. Meanwhile, Pluto and Uranus will oscilate seemingly in place and continue to pull on each other within this square for more years to come. If you get outside of the discomfort and pain, it is a beautiful thing. I recommend spending a little time every day looking at the big picture to remind yourself that it all has purpose.

Blessings and Hugs to everyone!


3 thoughts on “Money vs. Currency”

  1. David, This is very heady stuff to say the least. Being a devotee of Sathya Sai Baba, the most recent Avatar (God incarnate in human form) to visit earth in time of turmoil, among his many teachings was this one: while in this human life which you were blessed to be granted, do not waste food, money, time, or energy (resources). Baba means Father God/Mother God and He/She said that money like all things is energy…one might say green energy as Buddhists also say, and so BTC a more evolved form. In the Hindu or Christian divine trilogy, the Sun would be the Father (Shiva), Venus the Son (Vishnu) or Christ-love principle, and perhaps Pluto/Uranus the Holy spirit (Brahma) the creator/destroyer.
    Getting beyond pleasure and pain, as you point out, we should stay centered on the big picture which is our divine eternal origin.
    Thanks, John M


  2. Hopefully the headiness of this post doesn’t imply a lack of feeling. Intellectually, I am fascinated by the BTC phenomenon I am observing, but that doesn’t mean that watching an established money system shift and change is unaffecting. Like the Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse today, I feel a great deal even if I am not emoting very much.


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