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Finding Purpose: Zack G Covell

On the road that is life’s journey, we stumble upon fellow travelers. Sometimes we get to walk side-by-side, and other times we merely cross paths. Every once in a while, we meet someone who is… special. We can feel the weight of a purpose grander than most. Given my line of work, I have glimpsed more than a few. I’ve had the honor of reading for them. Today, I have the pleasure of introducing you to my latest discovery.

[I’ve noticed that shorter articles seem to be more popular. This however is not that short. If you’re in the mood for a quick read, skim through Part I and read Part II.]

Zack G Covell - Artist
Zack G Covell – Artist

What you look for is what you find…

When using Astrology as a tool, there are many options. You can see the challenges or seek out the solutions. You can delve into the past or scan the potentials of the future. You can drill down into the details or expand up to the big picture. Some Astrologers use only the traditional planets while others add in asteroids and planetoids. And in some cases one planet seems to continually outshine the rest.

Part I: An Intuitive Exercise

ZackNatalNoChironConsider the following two charts. (Click on any image below to see a larger version.) They are cast for the same moment in time. They are, in fact, two versions of Zack Covell’s Natal Chart. As part of comparing, I would like to walk through an intuitive exercise. At first, we’re not going to analyze with our minds, but rather feel with our intuition.

<— The image on the left looks a bit like a bowl. There is symmetry to the shape. Most of the planets are close together in the middle while two flank further out on each side. Notice how the left side of the bowl is mostly blue and the right side is mostly red.ZackNatal

Now let’s look at the chart on the right.—>

Two images jump right out at me. The first is a sailboat. The red vertical line is the mast. The blue wedge the jib or mainsail. The second object I envision is a satellite dish.

Lets consider all of these images together. A bowl most commonly holds water or food. It is a tool of nourishment. The angle of the bowl suggests the gentle pouring like a mother feeding a child. A sailboat is a vehicle. It floats on water: a bay or the ocean. It catches the wind, which is used to drive its motion. It is a free energy machine. A satellite dish relates to a bowl and a sail. It catches waves of light and information. It focuses them. In this way, it is a tool of exploration and communication. I am also reminded of a lens, another tool that focuses and is specifically used to aid and improve vision.

Why take this approach?

To answer this question, I need to take a step back. At the time I am writing this part of the article, I have yet to meet Zack. We have communicated through email, but not yet on the phone. My first introduction to Zack was through Facebook. I noticed his art and then friended him. Yes, there was some intellectual discerning, but my observing of him was primarily intuitive. Then one day Zack posted a picture of his birth chart. When I looked at it that first time, I let my inclinations draw me in. Through all of this, I developed an intuitive impression of Zack and felt compelled.

Intuitive Analysis

Now let’s dive into some details, analyzing, but still allowing our intuition to lead. Let’s start with the bowl (or hull) and thus using the chart on the left.

The sun is geometrically in the center. There are 5 planets to the left of it and 5 to the right. Zack’s personality is central to his purpose. It is what draws you in. Immediately left of the sun are Saturn and the moon conjunct. When I see this, I think of someone who has an interest in structure. Maybe they like to build. Maybe they like to study shape and form. Architecture stands out as a possible field of interest.

Just right of the sun is a MercuryVenus conjunction. Pairing these, I see someone who creates and/or admires art using his intellect (and not just his imagination). Music comes to mind as a specifically Libra form of art. Because of Mercury’s influence, I think of writing, maybe songwriting, and drawing. Libra likes interacting and relating, so I now see a man who is drawn to art that tells a story.

Considering the Virgo planets and the Libra planets together, I see the balance of form and quality. Virgo will be more concerned with shape, structure, and meaning while Libra adds aesthetic and relationship. And, when you have Virgo moon (accented by Saturn), you have a person who does not shy away from detail. Here is one who can study and/or create precision and for hours on end.

More things to consider: notice that Mars is primarily connected with blue lines on the left, and Neptune with red lines on the right. If we were to associate colors with these two planets, they would certainly be the opposite. Mars is clearly the red planet and Neptune the blue! Mars is quintessentially masculine and Neptune quite feminine – yet Mars is on the left – the feminine side and Neptune the right – the masculine side. Furthermore, Mars, which rules a fire sign, is in a water sign and Neptune, which rules a water sign, is in a fire sign. All of this implies additional balance and with a smooth texture – a meeting in the middle rather than the weighing of extremes. I am now seeing a man who is easy to like – no matter who you are.

In toto, the bowl portion of this chart tells me that Zack is an alchemist – someone who can work with all four elements to create things of value and meaning, things people can relate to, things that are useful and beautiful.

What difference does a planet make?

Now let’s consider what adding in one more planet does. In looking again at the chart on the right, we see that Chiron stands out prominently. It is the highest planet in the sky and hovers in the middle of Taurus, the middle of the 10th house, and closest to the MC. This positioning makes it conspicuous and colors the entire chart. Zack is not simply someone who does what he does for entertainment. He has a purpose and his purpose is (or will be) obvious to many.

Chiron is about healing. To some, it is the modern ruler of Virgo. Notice its relationship to Saturn. It is in a sort of Mutual Reception. Chiron is in the house that Saturn rules and Saturn is in the sign that Chiron rules. Furthermore, they are trine and thus blending and enhancing their qualities. All of this is in earth signs and thus implies the practical and physical. [Note: this year, Saturn and Chiron are again trine except in water signs. They will Trine exact on October 2, 2013, less than 2 weeks after Zack’s next birthday!]

Here’s something very interesting to me. Two weeks (to the day) before Zack was born, there was a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, which took place at 13’ 16” Virgo-Pisces. The moon was exactly sextile to Zack’s Chiron while eclipsed. Zack was born almost exactly 24 hours before the new moon and therefore within the most influential window of that eclipse. [We are in a very similar window now – following a Scorpio-Taurus full moon eclipse.]

Lastly, notice the lowest three planets in Zack’s chart. Rounding to the nearest degree, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto are all at 18 degrees – sextile and semi-sextile to each other. [Saturn is also at 18 degrees, by the way.] If you allow for an orb of 5 degrees, Chiron aspects all of these planets! [Some of the lines are not shown above.] In fact, 2 days after Zack was born, Pluto and Uranus were exactly semi-sextile (30 degrees 0 arc minutes) to each other. These are the same planets that will be exactly square (90 degrees0 arc minutes) from each other in 20 days.

The vertical opposition between Chiron and Uranus (the mast of the sailboat) forms theZackCovellOuterPlanets backbone of an interesting geometry comprised of all of the outermost planets. In fact, I was inspired to create this image here to illustrate. —>

Because this last chart consists only of outer planets, it is not unique to Zack, but it is telling that he would choose to incarnate within that configuration. I’ll let you decide for yourself what you think this all means in terms of Zack’s purpose at this time and place on Planet Earth.

Divine Timing

The day I decided to do an article on Zack, I noticed that Venus was transiting his Chiron in the 10th house. By the time this get posted, Venus, the sun, Mars, and Mercury will all be transiting his 10th house. It is certainly a time for Zack (his art, intellect, personality, and accomplishments) to be seen.

And just out of curiously, I glanced at Zack’s progressed chart. For some reason, I chose 4/30/2013 instead of the day I was writing this part (April 29th). Lo and behold, I found Zack’s progressed sun to be at exactly 0 degrees 00 arc minutes Scorpio a discovery that sent a shiver through my body. This moment is the exact beginning of a 30-year cycle for him!

Now for a more personal introduction to the man…

Part II: Introducing Zack G Covell – Scientist, Artist, Healer, and More

If you’ve been following along since the beginning, you can probably guess that I have developed an intuitive fondness for Zack Covell. I see in his chart a person I would be proud to meet, know, and befriend. Zack CovellAt the time I wrote all of the above, “Zack” was nothing more than his pictures and art on Facebook, Astrological charts, a few modest emails, and then the intangible impressions I received from all of the above. After writing Part I, I read Zack’s About page, and was simply blown away!

I can tell you now that after nearly three hours of phone conversation, everything I felt was a pale (but accurate) holographic image of this real (and amazing) man. Zack Covell is someone this world needs to meet, observe, and listen to. His personality is central – and delightful!  My impression of his gifts merely scratched the surface. Zack is indeed “multi-talented”, multi-faceted, and multi-dimensional. He can feed your mind with his knowledge, can feed your soul with his art, and the whole time you listen, you can hardly help but fall in love with him a little. He is passionate about the numerous subjects that he studies, and most of all he loves: he loves knowledge, he loves wisdom, he loves people, animals, and this planet. Just look at his picture; can’t you see that about him!

Zack is a fine-tuned Stradivarius who is learning to play his own song.

He may never come to know the fine instrument that he is – or how profoundly he touches everything and everyone around him. But that matters not because it changes it not.

Spirals By Zack CovellZack considers himself “more developed in the sciences than as an artist”. In fact, he only started making graphic art 2 or 3 years ago. [He did create architectural art before that though.] His intellectual curiosity has led him for the greater part of his life, but that is shifting, changing, and evolving. These days, he lives mostly “from the cosmic mind”. If you ask me, he simultaneously lives from the cosmic heart.

Zack may not consider himself there yet, but you needn’t listen very long to know that his experiences are innumerable and fascinating. He is wise beyond his years, unless and of course you peer into the vastness of his Akashic Records. I have merely knocked on the door, but I can assure you his library is huge!VortexPoster

In Zack’s words, he is currently “honing in on” his mission and services. In the mean time, he has a plethora of fans, internet friends, and followers. Please, check out

From these places, you can dip into the ocean that is Zack’s love and wisdom.

Mandelbrot369If you like Zack’s art, you can click here to buy a T-Shirt or a poster like the ones pictured above and to the left.

Zack has also created art for individuals as “visuals used in meditation sessions to activate pathways for specific types of healing”. Until he prices this service, I encourage you to offer him a donation – for your sake and his.

Zack is not exactly a secret. Many have found him before I did. For example, he is a part of a movie project that may one day make it to the big (or little) screen and which discusses free energy, healing, and consciousness.

Zack’s goals are many and among them:

  • Helping millions of people awaken to the their true gifts and talents
  • Helping each ONE OF US discover our true purpose, share our unique powers and change the world, and create a fulfilling, and prosperous life
  • And to help build a metaphysically sophisticated, yet simple to use online (and then in person) community to link, connect, and bridge people together for individual and collective growth and evolution.

My own guidance has led me to Zack and I am happy to now know of him. He is a true brother in spirit. It has been a complete pleasure to learn of him for this article and my own interest, and I look forward to seeing more, knowing more, and experiencing more of him.

In closing, I want to share a message that came through while we spoke:

You cannot remember who you are. The act of looking back is reflective and introspective. In seeing who you were, you are changed and thus become someone new.

Many of us are bringing forth pieces and parts of the people we’ve been before – all the while, we are creating a new self and by extention, a new planet. If at times you feel lost or overwhelmed, know that there are those whose light shines brightly enough to guide you through the darkness.


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  1. Wow!!!! Thank you so much David! I feel honored to have your friendship and this analysis because I was really curious where much of these inspirations flow into me…now I see how they inter-relate so much more clearly!


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