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Space: The Final Frontier

Taking up space, needing space
Making space, creating space
Holding space, sacred space

Space is the final frontier; it is the ultimate phase of manifestation. There is no stronger way to witness a thought or an idea than to walk through it as experience. The Perfection of the Universe, in a sense, is the delicate weighing of time and space where everything is revealed at the exact right moment.

In computer science, there is the often-encountered time-space tradeoff. The easiest way to speed up a program is to use more space (memory). Human evolution, both within the individual and the collective, has a similar tradeoff. We can walk the straight and narrow, protect ourselves maximally, and keep within our comfort zone, or we can take chances, experiment, and risk “failing” or getting hurt. The safer the path, the longer the journey.

Unlike a computer program that cares not whether it uses more memory or takes more time, we do care. When we over-protect, we grow bored, restless, and frustrated. When we push too hard and move too far out of our comfort zone, we become afraid, experience anxiety, and get hurt. So just like the Universe, we too have to perfect the balance of time and space – or at least try before the Universe steps in to do it for us.

In my opinion, the Universe only steps in because we’ve asked for it. If we pray for a better life experience daily, but heed not the gentle nudges guiding us there, we will eventually get shoved out of our own stasis.

So let me ask this: how many of you reading this have a desire that is growing stronger each day? How many of you feel fear of the unknown or fear of change holding you back? And how many of you that answered yes to both of the above, also feel a growing sense of urgency?

For those of you still with me, I have some thoughts for you to ponder.

If you feel like you are merely taking up space, you might be over-protecting yourself. Your desire for change will show you the way, but you still have to make the journey by taking one step and then the next.

If you feel like you need space, you may be avoiding your own journey by continually focusing on everyone else’s. You cannot walk their purpose; you can only walk your own.

Making space is the act of prioritizing your time and energy. It is a returning to your own value system. Make room in your home for people and things you desire by removing what you no longer value. Make room in your schedule for experiences that you desire by not allowing others to dictate what you should or shouldn’t be doing.

Creating space is different than the above in subtle ways. By making space for meditation, for example, we begin to create space for many things. We slow down our experience of time, and expand space. Things that need to get done, get done with more ease and in less time.

Holding space: if you’re familiar with the term, you likely know what it means. If you haven’t heard it before, it’s a bit hard to explain. I am going to describe it through its opposite.

Anyone who has a mother knows that mothers worry about their kids. It is believed by them and others that this is an expression of love. It is in fact nothing more than an expression of fear. If you worry about someone in their presence, you begin to give them your fear. You cannot create hurt for them, but you can guide them into creating hurt for themselves.

Holding space is similar to worry, but to a very different end. You do not protect someone when you hold space for them. You, in a very real sense, support them on their journey. You feed them strength by radiating your own. You exude a gentle and subtle confidence to them. You see them as the powerful gods and goddesses that they are.

When you worry, you imagine and then begin to create an experience of pain.

When you hold space for someone or something, you support the journey to and through purpose. You might even know or suspect that pain is a part of that journey, yet you hold onto the image of what is gained and achieved through it. You continually reach for what is higher and beyond struggle.

Holding space need not be visual, emotional, or intellectual. It need not be prayer, and it is not quite the same as meditation. Many who are gifted at holding space for others have little awareness of the gift. Holding space is likely the least recognized healing gift, and likely the most powerful.

Right here and now, I wish to convey my appreciation to those of you who hold space for me.

Lately, I’ve been sensing that the Universe is pressing upon us firmly, urging us further and farther into our purpose. This means venturing out of our shells of protection. We have been asking and soon our dreams will become reality. However, our dreams will only appear as pure joy if we’ve created a space for pure joy.

Two cards have been showing themselves frequently: the Seven of Swords and the Four of Cups. At the Seven of Swords, we experience hurt at the hands of others. Life feels too challenging. At the Four of Cups, we are despondent, depressed, stuck. We can’t get out of the pool of our own tears. For some (or even many) these cards can be experienced one, the other, and back. It is the oscillation of getting hurt, and then retreating into protection that later feels like a prison. We risk, then get hurt, retreat, and then grow depressed – again and again.

But each card is also the answer to the other. Physical reality is a perfect reflection of our thoughts. When we hold space for joy, we experience joy; when we worry, we experience pain. When we unconsciously support a belief in pain, we can only overcome it by walking through that pain and getting to the other side.

Pain is simply stimulation. It can be transformed into pleasure.

We have been wanting the world to change, but now we have to allow it to change.

Allowing is not about giving the Earth our permission, it is giving ourselves permission to flow with the changes as they happen.

Taurus is a master at holding space. It is also too good at merely taking up space. As each of four planets move from Taurus into Gemini, we will individually and collectively be called upon to allow, adapt, and evolve. The flow of time creates space. All physical matter is created in time, but it is also transformed and eroded in time.

No matter what, time goes on: your journey continues, your dreams continue.

You asked for love, and love will come, but when it arrives, do not try and hold on to it because love is vibration and cannot be held for long. It is meant to be experienced, allowed to flow past, and then created again.

Holding someone I love in my arms is one of my most cherished experiences. The Taurus within me wants it not to end. I want to have and to hold these beings forever. I know that in letting them go, there will be that subtle or poignant pain of separation. And yet, only in letting them go can I feel the joy of embracing them again. Only in letting each one go, can I then hug, hold, and love the next one that comes to me.

The same it true about moments in time. We cannot hold on to joyous moments, but we can experience another and another by allowing the ebb and flow of experience.

Taurus wants every thing of beauty and every thing of value to last forever, yet Taurus only lasts 30 days and is then followed on by the greatest impetus of change: Gemini.

  • We cannot stop the flow of time, but we can slow down our perception of time.
  • We cannot shield ourselves from change and stimulation, but we can transform pain into pleasure.
  • Every experience has a season, but every season comes to an end and gives way to a new season.
  • Time and space are illusions, but for now, they are as real as rain.

It is my intention to continue my journey – farther out of my comfort zone and further along toward my purpose – a purpose, which in part is to hold space for more and more, with ease, with joy, and with pleasure.


2 thoughts on “Space: The Final Frontier”

  1. David, This is terrific analysis on the here and now, and a useful guide for all of us to figure out exactly what we are here for and how best to “accept the journey”. You are one of the smartest people I know and greatly look forward to your readings and observations and suggestions. Love and peace and light to you brother! John (foolishly inclined)


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