Sun Opposite Pluto

Less than four hours ago, Venus made a square to Saturn. In less than four hours from now, she will inconjunct Neptune and the sun will opposed Pluto.

These aspects are tense. Anxiety is easy to come by. Mercury retrograde can tweak your electronics, but with the other aspects, you just might stress about it more. With Pluto at the helm, overwhelment is a definite possibility.

The harmonious combination of these planets creates amazing things. Combine form, function, imagination, and ingenuity and you’ll get the idea. But today, they are not playing harmoniously. If you’re like me, you feel it.

When Michelangelo worked on the status of David, I’m sure he had his agonizing moments. How could one not be intimidated by a huge slab of marble? Have you noticed that David’s hands are a bit large? Maybe Michelangelo made them that way in case they didn’t come out right the first time. He could have been saving some material for a second attempt, which he never needed.

So what motivates an artist to labor with stone to produce such a masterpiece? Did he think it was perfect when he finished? Or did the fear of ruining it override the fear of it not being good enough? Do you think he felt relieved when it was done? Or did he fear an onslaught of criticism yet to come?

Times like today, with it’s high tension and high pressure, can easily stop us in our tracks. It might take our breath away as the anxiety weighs heavily on us. It is a definite reason to pause. But is it meant to derail us or prevent our overall progress? I don’t think so.

Every step along the way helps prepare us for where we’ll end up next. Today is just one of those steps that’s a little scarier to make than the ones before. Take your time. You can do it.

The sun will square Uranus on July 4th. After that, we’ll be able to start breathing more easily. At least for a while. What I see following these aspects looks so much more comfortable and easy. In a week or two, you’ll look back  and say, “that wasn’t so hard.”


2 thoughts on “Sun Opposite Pluto”

  1. Thanks for this, David. I had a feeling there was something “big in the air” today. The north wind and cool day on July 1 in Austin, TX had an ominous feeling….fantastic, yet ominous. I kept telling myself that something wonderful is happening. I took a nap today and was out cold for a couple of hours – another sign to me that something was up.


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