Luminary Balance

Minutes after the sunPluto opposition peaked, I felt emotional enough to shed a few tears. It was the kind of cry that releases pent up tension. The sun looked Pluto square in the eye and recognized that he has nothing to fear from his small and distant follower.

The sun in Cancer wants us to release tension this way – through our emotions. That’s what emotions are meant for after all. [It is not a coincidence that it is spelled emotion.] After the not even half a dozen tears, my body relaxed. I grew so energetic, I began doing computer work despite the late hour. In the afternoon, I was too overwhelmed to start.

This morning, we had an interesting moment of balance. The sun is still within the T-Square with Pluto and Uranus (through 7/4 in the morning). The moon was also within a T-Square with Saturn and Venus.

Saturn is the king of function. Venus is the queen of form. When they team up, your work has to be beautiful and it has to work.

The moon’s interaction says that it has to feel right too! And that’s the solution! Even though the moon is not in the mediator position of the T-Square (the middle), her quick movement and the fact that she is in Taurus gives her the edge. The moon is exalted in Taurus, which means she’s happy. And since Taurus is one of Venus’ signs, the moon takes president over her. And Taurus is an earth sign, which gains favor from Saturn.

The point of all of this is that the Universe, in my opinion, always provides solution. Yes, it does keep us in line (when the planets align). But we are guided by the lights in the sky. This morning’s alignments provide enough tension to push us forward, but with clear instructions on what to focus on. Follow your feelings and you’ll accomplish great things!


1 thought on “Luminary Balance”

  1. I know several people who have Venus conjunct Saturn in their natal charts, including my six-year-old daughter. It will be interesting to me to see how she expresses that combination in later years; however, all the adults I know with this combo are excellent at artistic design work. One person I know is an architect/interior designer and he also loves to build. Another person I know with Venus conjunct Saturn does masonary work: he makes beautiful, functional stone walls and decorative stone work for houses and yards. A third person I know with Venus/Saturn is an artist blacksmith who creates gorgeous architectural details out of wrought iron in the timeless fashion of blacksmiths (he uses only equipment that was used over 200 years ago and functions completely off the grid!)


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