The Middle

We are in the middle of some very interesting Astrology right now and I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had much time to write about it. This morning, I decided to take a break and run some numbers. I’m uncovering some very interesting connections.

I am going to split this post again into two parts. Those less interested in Astrology (or math) can jump to my interpretation in Part II.

Part I – Astrology Data


Mercury conjuncts the sun today at 1:40 CDT. Mercury and the sun meet seven times each year (give or take). The following table shows today’s conjunction plus the two before and after.

3/3/13       @ 14 degrees Pisces – Retrograde

5/11/13      @ 21 degrees Taurus

7/9/13       @ 17 degrees Cancer – Retrograde

8/24/13    @ 2 degrees Virgo

11/1/13      @ 9 degrees Scorpio – Retrograde

You will, of course, notice that the three retrograde conjunctions are in the water signs. That is because all of Mercury’s retrograde time this year is in the water signs. Take notice that the prograde conjunctions in between are in earth signs. Also note the underlined data.

Grand Sextile
Grand Sextile

The next time Mercury reaches 17 degrees Cancer (while going forward) will be 7/29/2013, which is the day of the Grand Sextile. I’m sure many of you have been hearing all about that already. [Click on the chart to the left for a closer look.]

The Grand Sextile is comprised of ten or so planets aspecting each other within all of the earth and water signs. It looks like the Star of David and a hexagon. There also happens to be two T-Squares that day: one is very tight and brief and includes the sun and the moon; the other is looser and longer and includes the on going Pluto-Uranus Square.

The next time Mercury conjuncts the sun while it is prograde (going forward) is 8/24/2013. On that day, we will be in the middle of a Grand Cross, which starts with the Pluto-Uranus Square and is completed by Venus (in Virgo) and Jupiter (in Cancer). Both Venus and Jupiter participate in the Grand Sextile this month. Also notice that the sun and Mercury oppose Neptune. [Click on the chart below for a closer look.]

[Update: We get another slightly looser Grand Sextile on 8/26/2013 in the morning when the moon passes through Taurus next month.]

Grand Cross
Grand Cross

Then, on the day of the last conjunction I’ve listed above (11/1/2013), many planets again aspect and nearly exact! We don’t have a pretty name or shape for this one. And, big surprise, the Pluto-Uranus Square is at the center of it all. In fact, Pluto and Uranus exactly square that morning! In total, seven planets will occupy 9 degrees of a sign at some point during that day.


As I’ve written before, you can’t think about Mercury without also thinking about Saturn. [See A Dynamic Duo written on 2/21/13.] Yesterday, Saturn ended its five months of retrograde, which started on 2/18/2013 at 11 degrees Scorpio. Saturn will again reach 11 degrees Scorpio on 10/14/2013 and then the sun will pass over that spot on 11/3/2013, just two days after the sun-Mercury conjunction I mentioned above.

Mercury rules intellect, thought, ideas, and communication. It is less tangible. It moves quickly, turns around often, and aspects the sun regularly. Its retrograde periods have us looking back: refining and honing.

Saturn is quite different, the opposite in fact. It moves slowly, retrogrades once a year for nearly half the year, and affects very tangible aspects in our life. A Saturn retrograde has us working through deeper issues: restructuring and re-rooting.

While a Mercury retrograde period may feel like a minor setback, Saturn retrograde can feel like an outright regression…at least and until you look at it more deeply.

Part II – Interpretation

In my opinion, we want to look at whatever part of our life is changing in a significant, albeit slow way.

For example, consider person A (me). I began an endeavor in February right around the beginning of Saturn retrograde. One very significant aspect of the project just completed coincident with the end of Saturn Retrograde. Now that Saturn is moving forward again, the more physical and tangible aspects of the project are beginning. For example, soon you will know about it!

Consider a second example: person B. This person initiated a significant change in their life in February. In this case, the tangible aspects came first and happened rather quickly. However, now person B is reevaluating the bigger picture. Having completed step one, and having rounded a corner, there is a whole new set of data to consider. The next phase might need until November to materialize, take shape, or even begin. However, with Saturn now moving forward, person B should be able to begin moving forward in some ways they couldn’t before.

For the rest of you, look back to February/March time frame. What started then? What were you thinking with strong intent then? What pulled on your emotions then? Maybe you initiated the project or change, maybe it was thrust upon you. Maybe you voiced a long-term goal then, even if you have done nothing about it since. In fact, maybe you made the statement all the way back on the December Solstice or New Year.

Now look at this month. Do you see a turning point either approaching or having just passed?

Extrapolate back to February/March and forward to November simultaneously. Can you see a beginning, a middle, and an end? Even if you don’t know how it will end, or where you are going, can you see that this is in fact a journey? Can you see how you are changing and have already changed?

Here’s another way to look at it. Think back to who you were and where you were in February and consider where you wanted to go and what blocked you then.

Now look at where you are. Yes, you are in a different place. And maybe you feel like you’ve regressed. But can you at least recognize that you are in a better place to move forward now? Even if your goals have changed since February, you now have more information than you did. You are less burdened then you were even if it is only emotion that you have released. You may feel that you have less now, but isn’t that better when preparing for a trip? Don’t they often recommend to pack what you think you need, and then remove half of it?

In the cases I have as examples, I can see that life has not yet changed in the ways it was desired. There has been plenty of work and intention. There has been tons of thought. It is the results – the tangible, physical changes that have not quite manifested yet. But there is progress.

I don’t like to get too far ahead of myself, and I don’t know quite what to think about the Grand Sextile that approaches, but trust me, if/when I have something to share, you’ll know about it! Keep journeying my friends…


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