One Last Turn

Yesterday was a day allocated to some work on the computer…not unlike the days that preceded it. My experience, however, was unlike the others.

For the past two weeks, work in front of the computer has been productive—be it writing, graphic art, updating software, or accounting. Yet yesterday didn’t follow the trend. It wasn’t a bad day, it simply refused to flow effortlessly. In fact, it felt as if the computer was disobeying me like an impish child: “Nope. I don’t wanna…and you can’t make me.” Progress was possible, but required effort and persistence. It was like walking up hill in a foot of mud.

From the sounds of it, yesterday was a rough and tough day for many.

Last night was no better. Although my day was frustrating, it wasn’t stressful. But last night—in my dreams—it was nothing but stress.

This morning, I just had to check in with the planets to see what happened. If it wasn’t just me, then maybe it was something bigger.

It was.

Yesterday was our once-a-year sun-Saturn conjunction. Actually, for many of us, the exact conjunction occurred early this morning. Remember, applying aspects hold all of the tension, so yesterday was the worst of it. Today, we should feel a relaxing and releasing trend.

Yesterday, the sun met Saturn in late Scorpio. This is the last time they will meet in that sign for 29 years. This conjunction begins to close the books on our 2-1/2 years of Saturn inching through Scorpio—a painfully frustrating, but specifically productive journey.

Think about it this way: when you’re building a machine, you have to make sure the parts are attached securely. To do this, you must grip your bolts firmly, and turn them forcibly. Only when they turn no further can you be assured that the grip will last.

The sun-Saturn conjunction was one last turn…or maybe one of the last few.

Anniversaries often gets us thinking about the past. This meeting of the sun and Saturn has me reviewing this whole Saturn-in-Scorpio cycle. It has taught me a lot. It has changed me—transformed me—into something I don’t even know yet. And it has visibly done the same to people around me.

Saturn and Scorpio are formidable forces in the Universe. The combination is awe-inspiring. I have much respect for both.

Here’s something to consider. In the past two weeks, I have seen two living scorpions and one eagle (another totem for the sign of Scorpio)…and no, I wasn’t at a zoo. In all three cases, I was working—working with wood and dirt, or driving home from the work site. And earlier this year, I saw an eagle at the beach in California. Before 2014, I am not sure I ever saw a living scorpion before, and I probably saw an eagle only once or twice before in my life.

If you look back at the past 2-1/2 years, I hope you see the progress that came with all of those cuts, scrapes, and scars. That progress might not be evident on the outside yet, but it surely has made a difference on the inside.


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