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You need only…

On December 14, 2014, we have three simultaneous astrological alignments:

  • the penultimate exact square between Uranus and Pluto,
  • an exact trine between sun and (retrograde) Jupiter, and
  • an exact square between sun and moon (third quarter moon, in other words).

We’ve already been seeing plenty of world events imbued with the energy of this latest Uranus-Pluto square. What I want to discuss is the sun-Jupiter trine, since it is extra special.

The sun rules Leo. Jupiter rules Sagittarius. They are currently in mutual reception—in other words, they are in each other’s sign of rulership and thus essentially trade places. The mutual reception lasts the entire month of Sagittarius, but the trine marks the peak.

Leo and Sagittarius are both fire signs. That’s what they share. Leo, relating to the sun, is all about self, whereas Sadge cannot (happily) exist without other. Sagittarius, after all, is the most extroverted sign in the Zodiac.

So sun in Sadge has us all getting out a bit more, socializing a bit more, partying. Jupiter in Leo is stoking (or stroking) our egos. If you let the Uranus-Pluto square get a hold of you, you’re in for a battle! But if you focus on the trine, you’re in for some fun. [I’m sure some people will figure out how to do both at the same time.]

Those with significant Leo (sun, moon, rising, etc) are probably affected more than others. Jupiter has been in Leo since July and only recently stationed retrograde. It covered more than two-thirds of the sign in those five months, so it may have hit you directly along the way.

Generally speaking, Jupiter’s influence is positive, but since he expands what he touches, if he hits a mine, it will blow.

As you’ve noticed, I haven’t been blog writing much. I am writing about this aspect because it is HUGE for me. I’ve gained a lot of insight, and I thought I would share.

Earlier in 2014, I met with my friend Frank Butterfield for a cup a coffee. Frank is a Sagittarius. He is also a channel. He conveys messages from Paul and the Communion of Light. During our conversation, Frank said roughly this to me about manifestation:

“You don’t need to line up with the Universe, you need only line up with yourself.”

Since that talk, that statement has reverberated in my head. I hear it over and over. It is only now that I am realizing why: it is the theme for 2014 for me—a core aspect of learning.

You need only line up with yourself. You need only accept yourself, love yourself, be yourself. Your opinion of yourself is the only opinion that matters; it is the only opinion that creates the matters (and circumstances) that surround you. If you want to have or experience something, you need only line up with yourself to reach it.

When you line up with yourself, you allow yourself to receive what you want, even if it is not what anyone else wants for you (or them).

I’m here to tell you that you can really have it your way.

You can live your life on your terms, but to do so, you have to live your life on your terms.

Read that line a few times. The words were chosen carefully (by spirit). For example, what does the phrase, “on your terms” really mean? It has two meanings really. “On your terms,” means “the way you want it.” But, “on your terms,” also means “via your thoughts and words.”

So let’s say you want something, but have conflicting thoughts around having it. Well, you will experience the conflicts you have until you sort them out. It is by experiencing your conflicts that you sort them out. [You don’t have to do it that way, but it is an effective way to do it.]

  • I want a new job, but I’m afraid I’ll have to give something up.
  • I want recognition, but I’m afraid it will come with more responsibility.
  • I want more money, but I’m afraid I’ll have to pay for it somehow.
  • I want to say what I think, but I’m afraid of their reaction.
  • I want a new love, but I’m afraid of getting hurt.
  • I want to be or do this, but I’m afraid so-and-so will judge me for it.
  • If I have it my way, what will they think?
  • If I get what I want, will they become jealous?
  • The more I succeed, the more they’ll come after me.
  • Is it too much to ask for?

In the past two weeks, I have learned that I am so powerful, I can actually zap my electronic devices. Thankfully, I am not breaking them. But I have seen repeatedly that if my frustrated, frenetic willfulness amps up too high, the device in my hand will simply stop working properly…and at the exact moment I really need it to work! It’s comical, really.

Events fail to work out, just the same. Right when I need something to work out in a specific way, it fails to do so.

If you think something is fragile, it will break. If you think you need luck to have what you want, you’ll experience luck (the bad kind too). If you have to sell it, they won’t buy it. If you think it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you won’t see it again.

The statement, “living by your terms,” is something worth focusing on, contemplating, and meditating on. It is about deciding. Decide what you really want. Decide that you really deserve it. Decide it is worth having and experiencing. Decide that what others think does not matter.

And realize that you can decide again after experiencing it. You don’t have to keep and carry forever more what you create. Try it on…see how it fits.

Manifestation is the act of making real something that is thought—so clearly (and literally):

Thought matters!

When you want it your way and when you want it to work out for you:

  1. Know what you want
  2. Know how you want it to go
  3. And look at all of the thoughts you have that are holding you back. Look at the questions you have. Look at the fears.

Don’t get entranced by your conflicting thoughts and fears, but see them. See when they come in, and then watch them go right out.

Many of those thoughts, are not yours anyway. They didn’t originate with you. You heard them or read them, which is not a problem, but you also held onto them and believed them, which is a problem.

But, when problems are created, solutions are simultaneously created. They are like rungs on a ladder. Each problem rung has a solution rung right above it. Just climb up.

And pay attention to your “supposed to” thoughts.

  • I’m supposed to do this.
  • It’s supposed to go like that.
  • S/he’s supposed to help me.
  • S/he’s supposed to pay me.
  • They’re supposed to support me.
  • S/he’s supposed to like me, love me, want me.

Go for choice…not obligation. You need only line up with yourself.

Jupiter in Leo trine sun in Sadge adds lots of fuel. Fuel is useful (and cheap right now – no surprise there). But fuel is also combustable.

If you want it to work out for you, you have to let it work out for you. That means that you have to let it work. Work is force over time. You have to give it some time. Making it happen is not the same as letting it happen.

After getting myself worked up (and seeing how I was tweaking my devices), I took a day off to clean (my house) and clear (my energy). No surprise, the day after that, things fell into place with little to no effort and sought-after solutions presented themselves…like magic!


3 thoughts on “You need only…”

  1. What a timely and so relevant post David! One of your best of the year like a surprise Christmas box. I have shared it with family, friends and spiritual colleagues. You may have posted less but the quality is terrific. Very synchronous with other spiritual readings we are reading that deal with “unified self acceptance” and “non attachment to desires” as a Path to samadhi. Plus an explanation for techno-torment….curbing self energy…who woulda thunk!
    Happy Holidays, John & Bree

    Liked by 1 person

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