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The Water Bearer Arrives

Early this morning (CST), the sun crossed over the cusp from Capricorn to Aquarius—from an earth sign that is very active, to an air sign that seeks stability. Within the same timeframe, the moon crossed the same cusp and conjoined the sun initiating a new lunar month. In less than 24 hours from now, Mercury, who nearly conjuncted Venus last week, stations retrograde.

These three events are linked in more than just time. They also occur in the same sign. They are further connected by the movement of the moon. The exact new moon occurred less than 4 hours after the sun ingressed Aquarius and the day-old moon conjuncts Mercury less than 1 hour after he stations.

astro_2gw_187_aa__aquarius_new_moon_2015.55621.63286Shown are two charts: one for the Aquarius New Moon, and one for Mercury Station Retrograde. Notice that in both cases, the Vertex lies in the 7th house – the house associated with the sign libra and regarding partnerships and relationships.

In both cases, a stellium of planets lies near the ascendant while Jupiter looms opposite, on the other side of the chart. Again, in both cases, Saturn sits highest in the sky.

astro_2gw_202_aa__mercury_station_retrograde_2015.56053.23360Given the proximity of these events, the oppositions, squares, and sextiles are the same in both charts.

We clearly have a theme for this month of brotherly love.

Cusps are magical, mystically, mysterious, and somewhat disorienting—partly because abutting signs are SO VERY DIFFERENT. This cusp, however, is possibly less severe than most. With a quick glance, the signs feel similar because each is a mix of dissimilar energies. Capricorn essentially combines earth with fire. Aquarius combines earth with air.

The biggest different between these two signs are their perspective on the world/universe around them. For example, Capricorn is often described as straight and narrow—structured, responsible, and law abiding, following generally accepted norms even if they aren’t laws. Aquarian sees the world differently and follows rules of its own making.

Capricorn may take into consideration the entire globe as it seeks to build, but it tends to look no further. Aquarius, on the other hand, sees the earth as a small piece of a vast and beautiful universe.

In Capricorn, individuals must group together and work together in order to contribute to the greater good. In Aquarius, an individual is free to raise his or her own vibration in his or her own way because when he or she does, he or she naturally raises the vibration of all of humanity.

In my opinion, the cusp between these two signs is a pole reversal. Each mixes two dissimilar vibrations, but in opposite ways. The flow is thus reversed, and everything gets mixed up for a while.

So crossing the cusp, in and of itself, is a big change. But now lets add in all of the other significant pieces.

  1. Mercury stations retrograde in Aquarius. Mercury is the most airy of planets. A station and retrograde thus has a similar vibe to fixed air. Mercury station retrograde in Aquarius (opposite Jupiter) thus multiplies the effect!
  2. 7th house is the house of partnerships, but also open enemies. Libra, where the North Node sits, is the sign of balance, laws, justice, and “rightness”. The North Node is a karmic point. It’s time for us to pay our dues.
  3. Saturn presses upon us to be responsible adults and do the right thing. Kind of sounds like some of that Libra stuff, eh?
  4. The 12th house is the house of Karma, cause and effect, paying one’s debts. Nessus at the very end of Aquarius can be thought of as a wound. A wound is a kind of debt. We pay back the debt through our intention to heal the wound, a process which often takes effort and attention.

In this morning’s Tarot reading, I pulled the 2 of Pentacles as an outcome card. This shows a man juggling two coins. It represents juggling (or balancing) two physical circumstances. Both sides need our energy, unless, of course, we are willing to let one side go completely.2 of Pentacles

Typically, I pull a card for each side. In this case, I pulled Justice and The Hierophant.

JusticeThe Hierophant

Justice relates to…well…justice, but also legal matters and karma. Sometimes we owe and sometimes we are due. And sometimes universal justice does not look or feel fair…partly because we don’t know our total karmic debt (or credit).

The Hierophant often relates to religion—in other words widely accepted belief. This card feels just like Saturn to me because it is confining and restricting. It can press upon us in a similar way…pushing us to follow rules and do the right thing. But it also brings to question: “What is right?”

Weighing and balancing Justice and The Hierophant is very much the cusp between Capricorn and Aquarius. Each of us has responsibilities. We live in collectives, and those collectives establish and enforce rules. And yet, rules change from place to place, and from time to time. Some of us believe a particular thing is right, while others believe the opposite is right. Wars are fought over these differences.

As you travel your own month of Aquarius, consider your relationship to the laws and rules around you. Do you have a good balance between your own rules and your acceptance of the rules around you? [Accepting rules is not the same as following them.]

Ultimately, you make all of your own decisions, whether you feel coerced or not. You can choose to rebel. In some cases, you can negotiate. For example, the Hierophant covers the rules of marriage, but you and your partner are free to make up your own.

The New Moon chart is very exposed. The sun and moon both occupy the first house. They are thus accessible to us. We see and understand what’s on our plate. Saturn is in the 10th house: again, our responsibilities are visible to everyone around us. And Jupiter in the 7th shows us, big and clear as day, who’s with us, and who’s against us.

The Mercury Station Retrograde chart is quite different. Here, the most hidden 12th house is loaded with planetary energy. Jupiter highlights that there is work yet to be done. Chiron, sitting at the end of the 12th, hints at that work. Saturn sits in the 9th house in this chart and thus indicated that we have something yet to learn.

Mercury Retrograde is all about research. When we think back to an event or experience, go over it iteratively in our mind, we are employing a Mercury Retro process. We analyze and sort through it. We discern right from wrong. Sometimes it’s clear who’s at fault. Maybe we accept our own part, but maybe we are reticent.

The month of Capricorn shifted the earth beneath my feet. Many “things” changed, and some of those changes were indeed physical. As a result, 2015 has already been a very different year.

The next four weeks will be dominated by Mercury Retrograde. Solutions are in the offing, but it may take a bit of digging to unearth them. So be it. I will align myself with the process. I’m not really in a hurry anyway.



2 thoughts on “The Water Bearer Arrives”

  1. A very interesting and noteworthy period to consider reconciling. First of all my challenge to understand the title as “Why Water Bearer not Air Bearer”. As an Aquarian moon with an Aquarian partner, neither with any grounding in natal earth signs, the 2 of Pentacles seems to be balancing the 7th and 12th houses as you point out. It also strikes me that part of our journey involves accepting and resolving the many things that are unseen (such as planetary vibrational influences on us and our unknown karmic debt). Inability to know virtually demands necessity to accept, which I think is an integral part of advancing on the spiritual Path. We must accept both what we know and what we don’t know with equanimity, embracing it all to become unified in the “Christ or Buddha Principle” of universal acceptance, compassion, and love. An old friend attacked me for “exuding spiritual superiority”, something in the 7th and 12th houses and karmic debt with him that I must accept in silence and little challenge. It felt a bit like the latest transgenderphobia being Bruce Jenner attacks and how he handles it well. So much for brotherly love. Anyway accepting what we do not know turns out to be way more important and relevant than building a house of cards on what we know. Thanks for the post!


    1. Here are some things on: air sign Aquarius as the Water Bearer.

      Man is arguably the most emotional of creatures. Part of why we are so emotional is due to our analytical mind. We don’t just experience an event, we analyze what others’ actions meant. Sometimes we are then hurt again and beyond the event itself. [This, of course, reveals our inner thoughts and beliefs…if we’re paying attention.]

      Aquarius is the sign of humanity…humanness…being human. Only two signs feature human images representing the sign (Virgo’s virgin being the other.) So the water bearer carries a load, a burden, specifically a vessel that holds water. But the bearer is not submerged in that water (like the fish of Pisces). So, as humans, we do experience our emotions, but have developed far enough along to carry them and carry on despite them.

      In many belief systems, the key to increasing positive feelings and lessing negative feelings is via mastering thought (air)!


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