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Standing Waves

[A couple of days ago, I was listening to Abraham-Hicks channelings and felt a desire to channel a message myself, which I haven’t done in a while. Yesterday, while out on a walk, I started to hear them.

The following is the message they gave me, which is for me and about me, but worth sharing, in my opinion.]

Still waters run deep. They also reflect.

You wrote those lines some years ago, during a time when you studied the Four of Cups in order to discern the message it had for you at the time. You have since published your latest novel: Scribe to the Pantheon of Rome. Within that story, you channeled the following:

In the greater fabric of being, there are densities of existence—not simply the physical and the non-physical. The first density is the realm of matter. Each atom in all materia lives in first density. Matter is simply consciousness commissioned to hold a finite amount of space for a finite amount of time. Through this the entire physical universe is constructed.

Density is merely another view of frequency. Matter is nothing other than standing waves.

Standing waves appear stationary, but they are clearly not motionless. It all depends on how you look at them. Surely you are familiar with the wagon wheel effect where a wheel appears to stop and change direction simply by adjusting the frequency of a strobe light shown upon it.

[This video illustrates the wagon wheel effect:]

Your experience of reality is via a type of strobe. In very real terms, you look at certain things at certain times. For example, lately you’ve been perusing the eastern horizon at 6:00 am. You thus get to observe Venus (and now Mars) each morning. You take note of the changes and those things that do not change. The Austin Skyline remains in your view, yet it is always a bit different than the day before. The temperature varies, but only to a degree. Sometimes there are many clouds, sometimes none at all.

All standing waves have movement. First is their primary frequency—the one you notice straight off. There is also the half-life—the rate of evolution (or decay). For example, spin a wheel or oscillate a pendulum, then watch as it slowly loses velocity.

All matter, all standing waves have these properties. However, there are many more frequencies present than those aforementioned.

Take Saturn for example. Saturn, the physical planet, is a system of standing waves. First off, it is comprised of billions of atoms—each of which is its own standing wave. These atoms act, react, and interact in patterns that are their own standing waves. The planet rotates…more waves. It orbits, yet another cycle or wave. And it evolves. Despite all of the above, every time you look at it (through your telescopes), you always recognize it as Saturn. You would never confuse it for Jupiter or Neptune.

And then there is the astrological archetype you associate with Saturn. You notice its cycle—namely the roughly 29 years it takes to circle the sun and thus Zodiac.

Back in 2012, you tuned into the phase that started then—namely Saturn in Scorpio. You wrote about it: Need versus Desire — Saturn in Scorpio.

And here we are, in your year of 2015, where (when) Saturn is soon to exit Scorpio.

In this post: Perfect Reflection, you discussed still waters. You didn’t, at that time, make the connection to Scorpio. The Four of Cups pertains to still waters as in stagnant emotion, but Scorpio, as fixed water, also relates to still waters.

“What,” you may ask, “is the purpose of stagnant emotion?”

“Why hold anything constant?” we say in response. Because, by allowing something to last for some time, you give yourself the opportunity to study it! It is specifically the stillness of water that allows it to reflect with detail. When waters are choppy, you don’t get an accurate reflection. There’s too much noise.

Saturn in Scorpio represents to us a standing wave in time. It has allowed some of you to hold specific frequencies longer than you would normally.

Scorpio, as fixed water, has the ability to hold a standing wave of emotion. Those strongly influenced by this sign can, generally speaking, love longer, want stronger, and hate more vehemently than most. They have earned this ability, but are burdened with the task of having to live with that gift.

Surely you understand how gifts can seem like curses until one gains adequate proficiency.

When you look at the past 2 ½ years, you notice that you have held specific emotions longer than usual. For whatever reason, you chose the negative ones. You have thus experienced more pain, more fear, more discomfort, more frustration, and more discontentment that in most other 2 ½ year spans in your life.

Having stated that, here’s the good news. You have gained emotional endurance! And, as you know, emotional endurance is creative. When you hold a particular emotion (when you resonate with a particular feeling), you attract experiences that align with that frequency. So you are now more creative than you were!

We chuckle with you. Yes, you feel less creative than ever. Again, it’s all in how you look at it. Your creating, though not born of your desires, has been enduringly (persistently) consistent.

Getting back to standing waves, you are well aware that a tone (i.e., a musical note) is a standing wave. A vibrating string…another standing wave…creates the note. They are not the same—one begets the other.

[This is another cool video combining the wagon wheel effect with a vibrating guitar string.]

Music is not the same as noise. Music requires the waves to be held and released with intention. Noise, on the other hand, is chaotic, abrasive, seemingly random, and harsh.

The string, being a physical object, is a standing wave even when it is not vibrating. When it vibrates, it is a wave, that is waving, and producing waves that flow outward. You are precisely the same.

So, rearranging yourself slightly, you become a human, with emotional endurance, feeling and thus emitting “positive” emotion!

Another standing wave we wish to remind you of is electricity. Be it direct current or alternating (DC or AC), it is simply more standing waves.

Electricity is associated with the sign Aquarius and the planet Uranus. Recall that Saturn is the classical ruler of Aquarius.

Aquarius, as fixed air, is precisely the correct sign to associate with electricity. It is only when electricity is a standing wave (one with a certain degree of stability) that it is useful to you. Lightning, for example, is not very useful. It is fun to watch, but potentially destructive. It is unpredictable.

In some ways, Saturn is the most interesting planet simply because of the relationship between its 29-year cycle and the human lifespan. Its time in each sign lasts long enough for an extensive study, yet it moves quickly enough to give most of you three times around. You, at your current age, can (sketchy as it may be) remember the last time Saturn was in Scorpio. When Saturn returned…so did a select few individuals. You, of course, recognized them, yet also saw how much they had changed. In response to the experience, you also took inventory of how much YOU have changed!

Considering Saturn’s smaller cycle (namely the nearly three years in Scorpio), you are now considering and comparing who you were when it started (and how you felt) with who you are now (and how you feel).

The gift of a planet like Saturn is its rate (frequency).

Over the past few weeks, you’ve noticed, with your naked eyes, the movement of Venus from one day to the next. You can tell that it is higher in the sky today than it was yesterday. Back in June, you watched Venus and Jupiter dance around each other. Every day the arrangement was different.

One cannot do that with Saturn. Each day, it appears to sit right in front of the constellation Scorpius. Only when you take your attention away from it for a while can you see that it moved.

For the duration of these past 2 ½ years, things have changed, yet your feelings, for the most part, have not. Yes, there were peaks (or more accurately: troughs), but the discontent has been more or less constant. Like an chronic ache, it’s there when you look for it, even if you can, at times, forget about it.

We recommend viewing with Saturn’s eyes rather than the sun’s. In other words, look at the long cycles. Instead of seeing 3 years of challenge, look further back and see the depth that exists now, which was missing before.

Still waters run deep, so you have to dive deep to see what’s happened.

Earlier today, you marveled at the glass-like appearance of Lady Bird Lake. The refection of the downtown buildings was so clear, you could rotate a photograph and most would not notice it was upside down.

You then saw a motorboat race across the surface. Like a scalpel, it ripped the lake apart. The glasslike surface reeled, rolled, and toiled. Soon the entire lake was astir.

Your first thought was this: the fragile stillness was polluted and destroyed by a single boat passing over it. You saw disruption. And then you turned your attention away from it.

But not minutes later, the glassy surface of the lake caught your attention again! You snapped this photo in response:


Yes, a single motorboat has the ability the completely wipe away the glassy serenity of the water. However, when the water is deep enough, its endurance prevails. The standing wave (of glassiness) thus returns.

For 3 years, you have been trained in the art of emotional standing waves. Using the gift of Aquarius, which you have access to innately, it is now time to flip the polarity. Like a light switch, move from the negative to the positive. See things differently. Recognize your tenacity.

Tune in to Saturn’s frequency (meaning a slower movement of time). Don’t look for results using the moon; a month is not long enough to discern. It is too soon after a boat passes. Give it a bit more time and you’ll see your frequency (rather than your response to those frequencies that strike you daily).

One year in a child’s life produces vast changes. It is astounding to watch! But a year in the life of a man who is 47, does not. It needn’t change that aggressively. You do not need that type of change to live or survive. You are in a different season.

You are already resonating with what’s to come. Whenever you lose sight of this, allow yourself to calm back into your own standing waves—like the lake did before your very eyes.


4 thoughts on “Standing Waves”

  1. fritjof capra in his classic tao of physics noted that everything is a wave pattern – a kind of dance. The late Gabrielle Roth created a dance practice around this simple fact and discerned five distinct patterns of wave – rhythm- flowing wave, staccato wave, chaotic wave, lyrical, still wave. Nice writing. Cheers.


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