Astrological Transitions are Afoot

electiontransitsStarting Election day, the three inner planets (not counting Earth) will change signs, one after the next. Given the order of the transitions, none will occupy the same sign at the same time. Mars will leave Capricorn before Venus enters, and Venus will leave Sagittarius before Mercury enters.

This is akin to three individuals who cannot see eye-to-eye. Each has his or her perspective and no amount of pleading will get either of the others to fully understand his or her side.

Given that these are inner planets, they do not portend long term changes, rather shifts in the day-to-day. Things will certainly feel differently a week from now…no matter what happens on Tuesday.

Surrounding these inner planet ingressions are three solar alignments. The square between Pluto and Uranus was the big news the years surrounding 2012. That aspect, now separating, is all about long term changes. Slipped in between them is an aspect with Chiron, which is about all kinds of healing.

To start, the sun (in Scorpio) sextiles Pluto (in Capricorn) two days before the election. This highlights (emphasizes, shines a light on the need for) transformational (and generational) changes in things like government and business.   Non-incumbent candidates always offer change as part of their campaign, but the change Pluto inspires goes far beyond that.

Capricorn-ruled structures are not as solid as they seems. We’ve all seen governments, countries, and too-big-to-fail companies crumble seemingly over night.

This election has brought so many thoughts, ideals, and emotions to the surface. Have any stones been left unturned? In my opinion, this is the greater service it has provided for the collective (including those observing from other countries).

After the election, the sun trines Chiron in Pisces, highlighting the healing of the collective (conscious, sub-conscious, unconscious). After this battle, I’m sure everyone is going to need some r and r. Many of us may need to find our own peace, while some may be called upon to console groups of others. This year has been a rough and rowdy row and the numerous wounds are quite salted right now.

Lastly, the sun will quincunx Uranus in Aries. A sextile is a mild harmonizing of two energies. A trine is a strongly cooperative harmonizing. Quincunx is a back and forth—a bit of harmony, a bit of tension. On an individual level, some will thrive and some will fret…not just about the election, but in all regards and to varying degrees. There is always an array of diversity going on. This aspects reminds us that, at some point, we each need to get out of the boxes. This election, like many before it, is between two individuals representing two factions with opposing views within many subjects. Furthermore, this particular election encodes numerous other topics represented symbolically.

Individual humans, we are learning, do not often fit into narrow cubbyholes. Gender expression, sexual orientation, and gender identification, for example, are all shown to be separate, varying, and evolving aspects. Like it or not, we might as well get used to it because this evolution or unveiling is so much larger than any one you or me. More and more are breaking out of the molds that confined them, serving as examples to the next wave of individuals eager and inspired to express their uniqueness.

For the record, I look at all of this and smile. What I see is a master plan, assisted and inspired by non-physical, showing the way forward, where everything is possible. Each individual can have his or her own preferences surround them, which simultaneously, does not prevent any alternative from happening anywhere else…even next door.

The ‘plan’ is fluid, by the way, and does not depend on any result. It matters not who wins on Tuesday. It matters not what laws pass. Guidance is unending. As Abraham says, “You can’t get it done and you cannot get it wrong. The reason you can’t get it wrong is because it is never done.”

If you look with a microscope, you will see the vibration as back and forth. When you step back far enough, you will see that it is ALWAYS getting better!


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