Alignment, Manifestation, Poetic Wisdom


If you had complete alignment today, what would that look like?

In each moment, you would do or think or follow those things that are ripe, giving no worried thought toward the things that are not.

We think a great question to ask every morning is: “What is ripe today?” It doesn’t matter whether you hear an answer or not. The asking helps you focus on seeing the answer. Ripeness shows itself to you and all you need do is recognize it when it does…recognize that it does.

This world is a garden, nurturing the growth of all living things. Remember that all matter and all things you would call ‘situation’ are living, merely at different vibrations than you consider ‘life’.

So all life is nurtured…and is growing, expanding, and/or evolving. Ripeness is simply a stage of growth when something has become useful to something (someone) else. Fruit ripens, but needn’t be eaten. The nutrients still serve purpose when recycled back into the soil. The tree will continue to grow and continue to produce fruit.

So what is ripe for you today? What is ripe for the picking, ripe for the chewing, ripe for the smelling, or ripe for the touching? What has amassed some sweetness, some luscious color and beauty enough to satisfy your craving?

Ripe fruit makes itself known. The color, the texture, and the smell will give you ample evidence. You do not need to eat it to know if it is ready, however, biting into it will tell you surely.

Walk around looking, touching, and smelling…then knowing what is ripe for you. When a thought tickles you, when ideas excite you, when observations give you pleasant pause, that’s what ripeness looks like.

For the record, there is always something ripe for you…right here…right now. It may be food for your eyes, or aromas for your ears. When you begin looking for, noticing, and picking what is ripe, you begin to understand that something deliciously satisfying is always ripening for you.


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