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Got a bad case of What-Is-Itis?

My guides are funny. Yesterday, when on my walk, I heard this:

To help with a bad case of What-Is-Itis, we recommend a daily dose of What-Could-Be.

If you’ve listened to a handful of Abraham talks, you’ve likely heard them speak about What-Is-Itis. It is when you have a condition in your life you wish to change, but can’t seem to get it to budge.

You know you’re inflicted when you find yourself saying things like:

  • “Why does this keep happening to me?”
  • “I’m stuck.”
  • “I don’t know how.”
  • “I can’t afford it.”
  • “It shouldn’t be this way!”
  • “He’s never gonna change.”
  • “There’s no point in even trying.”
  • “It’s hopeless.”
  • “Why can’t you just do this one thing for me?”

You get what you think about whether you like it or not. That means you get what you look at whether you like it or not. If you have a condition in your life that is in your face every day, it is pretty hard not to look at it. A build up of momentum caused the condition in the first place, but now the presence of the condition seems to perpetuate itself.

Abraham reminds us that in many cases, a desired manifestation stalls simply because we keep noticing that is hasn’t happened yet.

It occurred to me yesterday, while on my walk, that their name for this condition is very clever. The suffix ‘-itis’ refers to inflammation. Doctors tell us that inflammation causes discomfort and pain.

When we keep looking at something, it grows—it gets bigger—it gets inflamed…and we’re the ones fueling the flame with our attention.

In general, the momentum of what-is is not a problem. For example, unless you are a young child, you tend to wake up where you fell asleep. Look around. Consider how much you have accumulated over time, which persists. Your car still works fine today, as it did yesterday. You have the same wardrobe plus or minus a few items. You get to keep a lot of what you create for a long time!

Just think how time consuming it would be if you had to start over every day. You would spend most of the day just recreating what you need.

The momentum of what-is serves us well, so we do need to acknowledge it and appreciate it. Regarding those less than comfortable situations we would like to change, we can apply a daily dose of What-Could-Be.

This morning, I decided to do just that and follow the recommendation I received yesterday. When I sat to do that, I found an even better game to play. I added to my list a bunch of What-Will-Be.

There are many situations I would like to change where I have confidence in my ability. I know that I will improve this, that and the other thing. For those items, I wrote: “I will…” statements.

Where I have less confidence, I simply wrote: “I could…” statements. In some cases, I found myself writing something like: “This issue I am experiencing could work itself out on its own.”

Yesterday, I was inspired to share some thoughts regarding the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Since the inspiration came through at the last minute, I only posted it on social media. This is what I wrote:

It’s sunny right now in Austin, which is great for viewing the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse this evening. The moon rises here at 6:11 pm. The eclipse goes from 4:34 pm to 8:53 pm and peaks at 6:44 pm (CST). This means it will rise eclipsed.

Some Astrological thoughts around this event:

Today, the sun is in Aquarius (its sign of detriment). The sun rules (and is thus happiest) in Leo. The Leo Full Moon acts as if it’s the sun. It reflects the sun as well as it can.

img_5445Today, however, the Earth will get in the way; it will block some of the rays of the sun—eclipsing the moon’s efforts. Furthermore, in 6 months, the sun will be in Leo, and the moon will eclipse it fully. [This is what many are calling The Great American Eclipse.]

Thanks to a reading I did for myself this morning, I was guided to use this event to focus my intention on getting out of my own way more often.

The light of the sun always shines undiminished. The Earth, the moon, clouds and other objects can occult or eclipse the sun, casting shadows and creating nighttime. These occurrences are never long lasting.

If you get out of the way, the everlasting light of your inner being (God/Goddess/All-That-Is/etc) will illuminate all of your desires. You don’t have to make it shine. You don’t have to ask for it to shine. Just get out of the way and everything you want will light up before you!

These days, eclipses are magical rather than scary. We know that the light will return. It always does.

Celebrate the light!

One approach to getting out of the way is to make a little room for possibilities. It takes a bit of confidence to say, “This will work out for me,” and feel good. However, even if I am not confident, it is still pretty easy to say, “A simple solution could pop in and surprise me.”

I have been surprised before. I have had problems solve themselves or simply go away. And quite often, I am inspired with a thought that hadn’t occurred to me before, which enables me to move forward in a particular area of life.

Can you think of a problem that persisted for a while, which was then solved instantly when someone showed up with a bit of knowledge?

“This thing keeps not working for me,” you say to your friend.

“Hmmm,” he responds, “Did you try doing x, y, or z?”

“No. Let me give it a go. Hey! Look at that! You fixed my problem!”

It could really be THAT easy!


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