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The Acorn and the Oak Tree

Abraham tells us that in order to get rich (or realize any manifestation) we have to feel it first. You have to feel well to heal from illness. You have to feel prosperous for things to work out. You have to feel abundant in order to get rich.

But don’t we have the acorn and the oak tree here (the chicken and the egg, if you prefer). The acorn is feeling prosperous and the oak tree is being prosperous. When you have the oak tree, you get lots of acorns. If you have an acorn, you can eventually grow an oak tree (with a bit of focus and patience). But what if you have neither the oak tree nor the acorn?

Let’s say you are a deliberate creator. And let’s say your desire, and your intention, is to feel prosperous and abundant (regardless of your actual circumstances). You know enough to reach for the feeling first and foremost. You also know that the money—the things, the luxuries—will follow the feelings. You are a star student after all. You’ve listened and you’ve heard and you’ve understood the way things work. Feel first, then experience.

Again, so many of us have tried (really hard) to get an oak tree in order to get the acorns. A few of us found our way to an acorn, and then planted and watered and fed it until it became an oak tree. Most of us, however, are not that patient. Life moves too fast and we’re not getting any younger, right? If we desire an oak tree, but can’t find an acorn, what do we do?

A while ago, I asked the universe “What does it feel like to be xyz?” I knew I was asking a tricky question because the obvious answer is this: “You have to feel xyz in order to receive xyz.” But I wasn’t asking for xyz; I was asking what xyz feels like? And I did that on purpose because I wanted to see what would come of it.

Well, there is a path to everything! Your guidance knows how to get you from where you are to where you want to be, even if you can’t simply feel your destination in order to go there.

And that’s where my dear friend Frank W. Butterfield comes in.

Frank, similar to Esther Hicks, is a Master Channel. He channels the Communion of Light (and Paul). They’re intention is to help you get from where you are to where you want to be. Actually, I am not sure that is accurate. Their intention, for themselves, is probably to play, and have fun—to bask in the deliciousness of what they know to be true and to bask in the pleasure of witnessing us humans come to know it too, bit by bit. It doesn’t matter what we think or do or understand. They’re going to have fun no matter what.

In my words, they have the acorn and the oak tree; they love and appreciate and enjoy both.

Now Frank also wears another hat, which seems completely unrelated. He is the author of an ever growing series of mysteries and romances. They are primarily set in San Francisco in the 40s and 50s, though there is plenty of travel. Most of the characters are gay. Most would say the stories are not mystical, metaphysical, visionary, or spiritual. There’s plenty of sex (mostly behind curtains), filthy riches, fist fights, murder, and homophobia.

“What, pray tell, was Frank thinking?” some might ask.

Well, Frank, like the Communion of Light, is doing what pleases him, for the purpose of pleasure. However, it is not lost on me, the asking that is being answered well beyond that!

Nick Williams, the primary protagonist in most of Frank’s books, is rich beyond your wildest dreams. He is “married” to the man of his dreams: a hunky, muscular, fireman, who is simultaneously sweet, sensitive, and gentle.

You want to know what it feels like to be rich? Read Frank’s books and you just might find out. You want to know what it feels like to meet the man of your dreams? What it feels like to fall in love? What it feels like to be in a loving relationship? What it feels like to be strong? What it feels like to take no shit from anyone? Read his books and you might find out.

Despite common vernacular, no one can make you feel anything. Even if your Higher Self could do it, in my opinion it won’t, because that is beside the point.

However, you can make yourself feel anything you want. Focus is key. If you focus on something you love, you’ll feel love. If you focus on something you adore, you will feel adoration. If you focus on something you appreciate, you will feel appreciation.

Frank’s books are something to focus on. [I’ve written a review for each book I’ve read. Find them on Amazon and GoodReads.]

If you have a desire to have more money…even a lot more money, then read Frank’s books and pay attention to Nick (and Carter) and their relationship to their fortunes. If you desire love, being in love, falling in love, having a beautiful lover, then read Frank’s books and pay attention to Nick, Carter, Ben, Carlo, and others. Pay attention to their thoughts and feelings. Imagine being one of them or being with one of them.

If you’re asking for xyz, practice feeling xyz; then xyz has to show up.

If you’re asking what xyz feels like, practice any good feelings you can find, then watch what happens. The Universe (your Higher Self) will lead you to experiences that will inspire the feelings. It may take a bit to realize you received what you asked for, but when you do, you’ll jump into some added joy…and clarity!

Once you know what xyz feels like, you are well on your way to the having of it!

I recently added a Recommended page with other delicious bits, so check it out. And, like an oak tree, the list will grow over time…I’m sure!


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